A must-read article

This is a must read article by Eve Fairbanks – We’ll Be Paying For Mark Halperin’s Sins For Years To Come.    Fairbanks offers first-hand reporting experience in Washington in the early 200s, to  explain how American journalism changed from careful, fact-checked based reporting to Twitter journalism, where journalists breathlessly rush to retweet every bit of gossip and innuendo.   Fairbanks writes:

“People often attribute our contemporary sense of perpetual crisis to social media, as scrolling newsfeeds monopolize our attention. But Halperin and his imitators set this bar for news before Twitter and Facebook took over the media. Their endless drumbeat of meaningless micro-scoops helped create the impression we are living at the edge of time, where the present is as momentous as anything that has ever occurred. The future, in this context, cannot take any time or energy to be properly imagined.”


This article has nothing to do with the present outing of sexual misconduct and everything to do with how American news came to be consumed with “hot takes” and so many shoot-from-the-hip first breaking news stories, that end up mostly discredited or in need of numerous corrections. This story will cause some serious butthurt to many of the hotshot reporters on the Washington beat, who report every trivial detail about President Trump and what every WH staffer, no matter how lowly, murmured.

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  1. JK

    Good eye LB. Reading that, and pulling just a single quote put me back in mind of something I’d noticed elsewhere. From Miss Fairbanks’ article:

    “[T]wo things: the sense among Americans that the language of politics has become an incomprehensible jargon of the elite, and the sense that a disaster or a dramatic change that will upend everything looms at every moment — hidden from sight, but still imminent.”

    Game Change indeed.

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