“Please take me home.”

Roy Moore disgusted me long before his creepy chasing after young girls became known.   As a judge he was impeached twice for refusing to obey the law.  I don’t care what law you disagree with, if you have sworn to uphold the law and you don’t agree with the law, your options are uphold the law or resign.  You don’t get to be a committee of ONE making the law.  That sort of arrogance in judges has always offended me.  And when they try to use their bench as a political rallying tool, that also offends me.  I am fine if a judge resigns in protest over a law, then becomes active in politics to try to change the law.

Now, onto the allegations about Roy Moore chasing young girls.  Well, here again, I have strong feelings about creepy older men chasing young girls.  When I was 13 years old, I had already started babysitting.   A distant female relative of my mother’s had two young children and called to ask me to babysit.  The first time I babysat for them was no problem.  This relative was a great housekeeper, excellent cook and a very nice lady.  She had two very adorable kids.  The second time, she was upstairs trying to deal with the younger child, who wasn’t feeling well, which left me downstairs with her husband and young son.  Her husband sat down near me and started chatting.  He asked me about school, my hobbies, etc.  I was a little uncomfortable with his interest and I was glad when his wife came downstairs and they left to go out.

When they got home, the younger child was awake and fussing.  She had been fussing a lot and still not feeling well.  The husband offered to drive me home, so his wife could take care of their daughter.  We lived out in the country and it was a 10 mile drive to get home.  A couple of miles into the drive, this man started telling me how pretty I am.  He asked if I had started dating.  He told me how mature I am.  Then he asked if I would let him kiss me if he stopped the car.  I just kept saying, “Please take me home.”  I had my hand on the door handle and I kept wondering if I could jump out the car and run fast enough to get away from him, if he stopped the car.

That was the longest, most frightening 10 miles.  When he pulled into my driveway, he leaned over and he said, “You’re not going to say anything, right?”  I felt so intimidated and I agreed that I wouldn’t say anything.  I jumped out of the car and rushed into my house.   My mother was waiting up for me and she took one look at me and asked me what was wrong.  I blurted out the whole story and started crying.  I told her how scared I had been.  She told me that I was never babysitting for them again and she told me my Pop would deal with him.

I never asked what my Pop said to that man, but that man gave me dirty looks every time he saw me in public, even years later, but he never came near me again.

Men like this don’t just prey on one girl.  They prey on many young girls.  That same man made passes at my cousin,  when she was a teenager working at a local diner.  He began following her, when she first started driving.  I don’t know if my uncle said something to him or not.

Why didn’t these women come forward with their allegations against Moore long ago?  For many reasons, but the main one is if the man has money and power, these women knew they would be publicly trashed, which is happening to the women who came forward now.  And often victims go through a lot of self-doubts, wondering if something they did encouraged the sexual predator.  I wondered if something I had said “encouraged” this creepy older man.  Luckily for me, my parents did not doubt me at all.  Lots of other victims aren’t as lucky as I was.

In a small town, a lot of people know about Roy Moore’s creepy chasing after young girls, just like a lot of people knew about the creepy guy who hit on me, at 13.  Just because no one went public with the stories for so long isn’t odd at all, that’s how small towns operate.  I wouldn’t be surprised if most of Moore’s victims were from poor families, because a lot of creepy men prey on young, poor, “white trash” girls.   He was already a hotshot lawyer in his 30s and they were powerless nobodies.

Been there, more than once in my life with men like Moore, men who have all the power. It’s terrible to feel completely powerless.  However,  I sure don’t want to jump on the “me too” bandwagon, that feminists are driving.  They will rant and demand more laws and “legal protections” for women, which won’t do anything to solve the problem.

The most egregious sexual misconduct already is covered by laws.  The conduct that isn’t “criminal” needs to be dealt with by cultural mores and those were shredded and burned, along with the bras, during the 60s & 70s sexual revolution.  We are still dealing with the smoldering wreckage from that movement.

The problem is men need to be taught to be gentlemen and women need to be taught to be ladies.  We don’t need more laws, we need more people who believe in treating everyone with respect.  All the “free love” feminist dogma from the 60s has harmed many women, a great deal.  It has harmed many men too, but it has left way too many men on the prowl, believing in the Hugh Hefner lifestyle.  Teaching people to have a bit of restraint and decency in their sex lives would be a good thing too, but this “me too” feminist screeching won’t teach any of that.

These angry women are on the war path against the evil, male patriarchy again.  More laws won’t protect women from creepy men.  Gentlemen will.  I’ve said it before, the world desperately needs more noble, strong men to keep all of us safe.  Those type of men are: GENTLEMEN.

Feminists keep trying to kill them off.

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