Trump’s setting the stage for firing Mueller

There’s more chaos  ready to explode in the endless scorched earth info war.   Trump, his media shock troops and FOX News have spent this past week going full hysteria mode about the Russian dossier being a Clinton dirty trick and the Uranium One deal, under the Obama administration.  They are setting the stage for Trump to fire Robert Mueller.  The goal was to galvanize both the Republicans in Congress and Trump followers  to unite behind Trump.

Tonight CNN reported:

“Washington (CNN)A federal grand jury in Washington, DC, on Friday approved the first charges in the investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller, according to sources briefed on the matter.

The charges are still sealed under orders from a federal judge. Plans were prepared Friday for anyone charged to be taken into custody as soon as Monday, the sources said. It is unclear what the charges are.”

Trump is using the Clinton’s Starr character assassination strategy.  Justice and the rule of law will take another hit, but Trump, colluding with FOX News, to run this smear campaign 24/7, against Robert Mueller and throw out endless red herrings about “BUT Hillary”, has ginned up plenty of Republicans to back him.  This is the same strategy the Clintons have used for decades.  The Republican Party has sunk to being just as corrupt as the Clinton machine.
The level of partisan anger assures more chaos for America, with no end in sight for the scorched earth information war tearing America apart.

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One response to “Trump’s setting the stage for firing Mueller

  1. JK

    I dunno I agree totally LB. Admitting and submitting that, excepting the Sunday Shows I’m admittedly “behind the curve” on whatever’s being presented ad nauseum to the newshounds; also admitting that, I chanced to see abit of the Hannity guy what was it, … last Monday[?] … Anyway that little 15 or so minutes of watching reinforced, for me, why I haven’t paid any attention to the guy for well over a year now.

    What “I know” – subjected as I’ve been to the Sunday Shows – is that the Grand Jury was (supposedly) impaneled to hear stuff, pretty much restricted to The Manafort Stuff and where/whenever that stuff led, would be the stuff upon which any conjectured charges would be laid.

    “What’s in the Public Record” – excepting that Manafort served for a period [at the higher levels – the highest level[?] of the Trump Campaign seems to be beyond speculation. However “we do know” that for some period prior, this Manafort guy was definitely working (registered lobbyists) on behalf of, and at the behest of The Podesta Group as it was known to be the registered agent for the Ukrainians working Washington DC – “K-Street” in other words.

    Of course LB, you may well be correct but what I would caution stipulating: despite whatever Fox (and any/all other media sources – MSNBC/CNN etc) exhorts The Sycophancy View toward – until the/whatever charges are unsealed and laid; “we” cannot know what, even if, there’ll be any meat on them bones.

    I’d caution that Hannity feller – were he to sport a blog I was aware of – pretty much, same as I do here LB.

    Of course the media[s] want/need (much like politicians) its constituency.

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