The Russians again

Here are two news stories about Russian espionage worth reading:

The making of a Russian disinformation campaign: What it takes By Michael Weiss

Russia Has Turned Kaspersky Software Into Tool for Spying by Shane Harris and Gordon Lubold

The disinformation story explains a 1950s Soviet disinformation operation, which is still the same way the Russians operate, even online today.


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4 responses to “The Russians again

  1. JK

    You’re aware LB there’s “an expectation” some/all of the withheld classified Kennedy documents may be released?

    I’ll be doing this in two comments (as once prior I think, placing more than one link failed as intended). I’m of the opinion you may find these as intriguing as myself. Candidly, I’m hoping the long ago files get released fully and unredacted.

    • Thanks for the links JK – busy with errands and some family stuff today, so I’ll listen to this hopefully tonight.

      With the JFK files, my oldest sister had a paperback of the Warren Commission report when I was a kid . She is 8 years older than me and I was born in ’60, so Camelot is before my time.

      Anyways, I read the whole thing when I was in my teens. I learned something important from reading that. I learned that I did not possess the technical or forensic training to make intelligent decisions about the findings.

      And therein lies the problem for most people – they can be sold on any conspiracy theory wrapped up in technical mumbo-jumbo. I can detect simple things that are obviously an “issue” (like the ISW map thing – 3 maps, 3 different “controlled by” designations of the same area on each map), but some technical crap about the grassy knoll or anything about bullet trajectories – an “expert” could tell me anything using some “technical” words and it would sound legit to me (and to millions of other people). I was telling the phone repair guy this last week when he was trying to explain technical stuff to me. I told him that he could tell me anything technical and it would sound important & right. I told him that all I care about is that my phone works.

      Too many Americans believe they are “experts” listening to a few people on TV or watching an Oliver Stone movie.

  2. JK

    “Too many Americans believe they are “experts” listening to a few people on TV or watching an Oliver Stone movie.”


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