Trump won the weekend messaging battle

Following the NFL kneeling controversy, where Trump wrapped himself in the American flag, this weekend  it looks like he punched back hard about his administration’s response to Hurricane Maria devastation in Puerto Rico.  The weekend’s not over yet, but I feel safe in calling this one for President Trump.

The Left hasn’t realized yet that President Trump is a master at Alinskyite tactics.  After last weekend’s NFL kneeling controversy and the weeklong attacks on Tom Price’s expensive private jet flights on the taxpayer’s dime,  Trump fired Price on Friday.  The Left smelled blood and decided to go for broke giving Trump the Katrina treatment, trying to drown him in a CAT 5 size negative spin cycle, or perhaps, they wanted to leave him stranded on a bridge to impeachment.

The mayor of San Juan hit the TV news shows, railing against the federal response and many in the media joined the media feeding frenzy, howling about people dying, making up a cholera outbreak and piling on.

Yesterday, President Trump, with his Twitter troopers, FOX News and assorted pundits launched a massive spin counterattack.  Trump went on a major Twitter attack in the morning, assailing the mayor of San Juan, the people of Puerto Rico and refuting the Left’s spin.  He never bothers with getting details or facts straight and he doesn’t care who he insults or offends.

The mayor of San Juan was attacked, not only by Trump, but by Trump Twitter troopers, who countered the mainstream (liberal) media wild spin cycle.  They tweeted about the mayor being invited to the FEMA office to discuss emergency relief, but alleged she told FEMA officials that she didn’t have time.  They reported that instead of visiting FEMA, she went and did several TV interviews attacking Trump and ranting about, “we’re dying”.  They tweeted about her support for a released FALN terrorist and alleged she’s a Communist.

Trump’s tweetstorm yesterday was nasty, came across as bigoted, and certainly demeaned the Office of the President, but he won the weekend messaging battle.

He never backs down and he never apologizes.

That is how he keeps winning the info war against the Left.  He learned how to fight the Left’s spin, by using their same vile, scorched earth tactics and he’s better at it than they are.

There was enough truth in the Trump spin to once again quell desertions from the Trump camp. The Trump mouthpieces in the media always point out how the Left is worse, how Trump is a victim and how he’s a winner. They silence any moral arguments against Trump’s vile attacks, by dismissing those as just “virtue-signaling”.

Trump was right. He probably could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and his followers would remain loyal, because his information warriors would be out there spinning it that the person deserved to be shot. They would cast that person as an “enemy”.

America keeps losing more and more of its soul as this scorched earth information war rages on and the divides in America continue to deepen.  For the 5th Avenue Loyalists, the Democrat spinmeisters and the mainstream media, who are devoted to spin, they just double down on their talking points, recycle through old ones and for them there’s always another messaging battle to fight.



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3 responses to “Trump won the weekend messaging battle

    • Thank, JK, that was interesting. The media keeps reporting, in shocked tones, about all the Russian ad buys to influence the election, now they uncovered some phony Russian activists who were agitating within BLM, and there are numerous other reports – like Russian social media ops, where they are using female fake peeps, to send friend requests to soldiers, then once the soldiers accept their friend requests, these fakes share posts, introduce Russian propaganda into the soldier’s feed. And of course, those shared posts are seen by all that soldier’s friends too. The Russians have been working at infiltrating online political venues way longer than 2016.

      In this c-span interview, the reporter talks about Breitbart’s beginnings – working for Drudge – “news aggregation”… I’d imagine, the Russians have their fingers in not only “conservative” news aggregation, but also targeting other political groups in America too.

      Since the Dems and #Resist have made the Russian information war against America into all about Trump, the media and intel peeps are probably missing the full scope of the Russian ops – targeting a whole bunch of political factions, Hollywood, the military and any American institution or issue where they can foment division and chaos.

  1. JK

    “[The media and intel peeps are probably missing the full scope of the Russian ops …”]

    No doubt. I mean sakes a’mighty – trigger alert! Tucker Carlson – that was the the [expletive deleted] ACLU of all organizations!

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