Bad title, but great story

Dr. Mary-Claire King, American Cancer Society Professor at the University of Washington in Seattle, relates, in very personal terms, her awful week she secured a research grant from the National Institutes of Health in 1981:

The Week My Husband Left And My House Was Burgled I Secured A Grant To Begin The Project That Became BRCA1

The title doesn’t do this amazing story justice.  The story isn’t filled with feminist angst or rage.  It’s filled with honesty about a young doctor and mother, faced with a week of terrible personal crises, who almost made a choice not to show up in Washington to pursue her NIH grant for her BRCA1 research, which has greatly advanced the understanding of breast cancer.  And like all good stories, there are some surprises to make you glad you read it.



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13 responses to “Bad title, but great story

  1. JK

    Need a giggle LB after all of that hurricane stuff? Recall our “friend” Reality?

    (I haven’t yet clicked on the purported FBI “transcript” so I’m not able to voice whether it looks authentic or not. So: there’s that caveat.)


    By the way, y’all have any damage after getting back from the forced evac?

    • We just had some branches down from the willow tree again, but we were having some phone issues. Comcast came and resolved that. For some reason, our front doorbell stopped working too. All minor stuff. The only reason I evacuated is because I don’t want to be caught in a flood trying to deal with my husband, who can barely walk, even with a walker and he gets confused and combative when his routine is disrupted. Plus, we are down to 4 geriatric dogs and the two large ones, a 13 year old German Shepherd and 14 year-old Doberman have a hard time walking. There’s no way I could deal with my husband and these dogs if our house flooded.

      Our sons came and evacuated us, split the dogs up into my husband’s pick-up and my car. They did all the loading the vehicles, all the driving and the two large dogs need to be lifted in and out of vehicles, so they took care of that too.

      At first my husband said he wasn’t evacuating, but when our sons came, he was cooperative, thankfully. He says some crazy stuff sometimes. He told me he would be fine in a flood, because he had drown-proof training, I think he called it, decades ago when he was a young paratrooper. I just rolled my eyes and told him anyone can drown in fast-moving flood waters and back then you could move your arms and legs easily.

  2. JK

    Managed to get just a few pages in – looks authentic.

    Where I mention “the giggle” above? Well, the giggles are actually here:

  3. I was giggling on page 7, seriously – she has several firearms- a pink AR-15…

  4. JK

    Yup. And the man-hating dog as well as the extremely obese cat under the bed. The cat also a man-hater.

    And, as if, al-Jazeera was an “acceptable substitute” for FOX – even though just, merely watching tv was piss-off enough to out the NSA.

    Good golly, how our government “vets” its TS/TSC wannabes in this Twenty-first centshury!
    Happy to hear y’all fared pretty good.

  5. JK

    Think you’ll find this interesting LB.

  6. JK

    “Maybe” LB, they’ll (FBI, etc) find a motive but something tells me there was no motive. At least none that will make for any difference – for Real People at any rate. Politicians perhaps. But then there is/are The Media …

    For those individuals, its become “immortality.”

    • Well JK, the only motive where it might make a difference is if he didn’t act alone. Then identifying and locating those people is important. If he was a just a lone psycho, at least he’s a dead psycho.

      The Media is/are still busily digging… but, seems like most shovel out the whole pile and don’t stick to your golden kernel standard.

  7. JK

    Yeah, if there were others then I think it’d be a difference. Too I’d like to know which island in the Philippines the guy “mostly” visited – probably the girlfriend’s … the reason I’d be curious having to do with an insurgency that’s been in existence even back when the last time I was there (mid-80s).

    Just interested LB, was there ever an arrest where the young lady in Mississippi was concerned?

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