An Awan brothers update

This news story is kind of interesting in that earlier today (5 hours ago) I saw Chad Pergram, a FOX News reporter, who covers Congress, tweeted about Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ IT guy, Imran Awan, being arrested while trying to flee the country.  In the comments on Pergram’s tweet were derisive comments about, “who is your source” and alluding to this story being just right-wingnuts ranting on the internet.  Then, at 6:59 p.m. Politico reported the story too:

Wasserman Schultz aide arrested trying to leave the country


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10 responses to “An Awan brothers update

  1. JK

    Ooooh boy!!! This could be ummm interestin’ – thanks for the sharp eye LB.

    Anybody know if Mueller follows Politico?

  2. The Capitol police seized some computer equipment in February, in regards to this case, I think, and also banned the Awan brothers from the Capitol building. Reporters yesterday were trying to get some details on what this Awan brother had been doing for Debbie Wasserman Schultz since Feb., because she still had him on her payroll. The mainstream media has downplayed this story from the beginning, while The Daily Caller has been continuously investigating and reporting on it.

    There are a lot more details in this Daily Caller article:

    This reporter, Luke Rosiak, has several previous reports about the Awans, which are filled with interesting details.

    • JK

      Yeah LB, and as you might [probably] expect, I’ve been following the
      Awan family’s escapades for awhile – apparently they’d had remarkable access to the DNC’s IT security-side of networks and, from an outsider’s perspective looking in, a possible conclusion is that (though Adam Schiff would prefer it otherwise) the Russians were not necessarily the party with the most to gain via the Wiki-Leaks dumps.

      Most notable in my humble opinion is that, while virtually all the DNC’s poohbahs agreed the dumps were illegal none, to my knowledge, has ever denied the authenticity/accuracy of the contents.

      (Bear in mind Maddow’s recent framing of the narrative – ‘where the Russians/US’ own IC was the [likely] source, *changes* had been made to the text.’)

      Such does not appear to have been the case previous to the portion of the DNC while the active campaigning [leading up to] for POTUS 2016 was going on.

      I do hope the American public-at-large becomes privy to whatever result any actual evidence reveals – prior to 2018 and certainly prior to 2020.

      I guess (hope) we’ll see …

      • I think you’re right, JK. I think the Awan brothers lead back to the Pakistani ISI. I’m still not convinced that Comey’s “nothing-to-see-here-amen-time-to-move-on” closing of the Wiener/Abedin laptop business was the true story either. Whenever that Abedin family connection to the MB and other assorted Saudis/Pakistanis is broached, it always evokes screams of “Islamophobia” on the Left. Yet Abedin is a pretty slick operator, while playing the ingénue to the max. I think the foreign “influence” and downright “infiltration” at the highest levels of our government goes well beyond Trump/Russian collusion.

  3. JK

    Hadn’t really stayed on the Abedin/Weiner angle, will admit but, yeah one mustn’t forget there’s that MB thing can’t be ignored. I agree with your concluding “thinking” too just so you know.

    Primarily for me though was/is just as you note, the ISI/Paki part of it and, “surely/purely” coincidentally the just fixin’ to fire up big-time, Pakistan’s having to step up where China’s Silk Road security situation – as was foreknown back far as … well, one could though it’d be a stretch for the non-specialist/area-watcher … anyway at least as far back as China purchasing the mineral rights to the Aynak mine in Afghanistan. And that’d been what, 2007? Then, once the on-site smelters idea had to be sixed there wasn’t any viable alternative but to, run a rail line to China straight through Pakistan.

    So, far as my thinking goes, because you know Hillary being a “sure thing” an’ all – been a good idea to infiltrate as many ISI operatives as possible onto the DNC’s inter-communications network.

    Heck it might actually be that Russia – tied up as it was in Syria – didn’t have near the motivation China had to “hack the election” … maybe Wolf Blitzer & Company reads here and could spend a little time doing the same sort of guesswork they’ve done so convincingly so far, elsewhere.

    But what do I know …

  4. JK

    Pretty good link to what I’m referring to above – map’s only fair though. Under the sub-heading, Opportunity in Southwest Asia:

    • Thanks for the link JK. I remember when China bought the mineral rights in Afghanistan and wondered what on earth we were doing there, but what do I know. Seems like a lot of folks are still stuck on training their security forces… despite the escalating number of insider attacks. Big picture strategy is only one, long broken record, it seems.

  5. JK

    I’d intended LB to inform you I’d linked to your site over on M’s site (31 July “Ugh”) … so if you’ve noted an uptick on your sitemeter, that would likely be the explanation. A part of it at any rate – I expect alot of folks are searching for info on the Paki Syndicate.

    I’ve changed my residential address and not bothered connecting either the net nor for that matter, even TV (if you can imagine that!) The motivation for that is actually pretty easy – takes “bothersome details” for anyone to wake me up at say, three in the morning to get my take on whatever plus, even though my “move” only involved a somewhat increased distance (approx 1500 meters) the house blends in extremely well with the surrounding neighborhood.

    I finally realized my retirement was abit more active than I’d imagined it would be. Life without TV is especially nice. (I do have a weather radio though – I’d liked to have done with that too but, no basement.)

    • Thanks for the update JK. Nothing I add about the Awan situation (or any other political issue for that matter) is original reporting. It’s all just stuff I came across reading news online. I appreciate the links, because after 2 years of Trump/Hillary scorched earth and now 6 months of Trump vs The Media & #Resist forces, I don’t read nearly as much news as I used to.

      Pretty much burned out on Trump domestic political chaos here and so far, I’m not really sure what the Trump administration policy positions are on foreign policy. Trump says one thing and others in his cabinet rush to reassure America’s allies that Trumpspeak wasn’t really U.S.policy. It’s a very weak way to run foreign policy, not to mention dangerous. I didn’t believe it was possible to be worse than the Obama foot-dragging, leading from behind, but Trump’s chaos might be it.

      I’m not in the “Impeach him” camp, because it doesn’t seem like there’s a solid case for that, yet, and impeachment would be very damaging to America. However, Trump’s “leadership” style, if such a toxic brew of petty sniping, egomaniacal rants and impetuous decision making, could even be termed “leadership”, glaringly shows how temperamentally unfit he is for the office he holds. America won’t be “great” again after four years of Trump, of that I am convinced.

      This Awan situation struck me immediately as so similar to the way the media had handled all things having to do with Huma Abedin and Elizabeth O’Bagy – more people with questionable foreign connections, who attached themselves to politicos in DC and gained access to high-level intel. Very strange.

      • JK

        Well LB, what I appreciate with you is, if there’s a subject I’d be interested in, there’re a mere four sites I’ll need visit to get caught up. NW of course as I yet email – and subscribe – but I don’t have to wade through all the dredge. I do watch the Sunday Shows, and as circumstances allow I’ll catch Smerc on Saturdays.

        But the neat thing is – my catching up is, at my convenience. Er … netwise that is. Seems strange … well let me make that, revelatory to find myself situated among regular people who, if there’s something happened/gonna be on C-Span – its likely to come up in a “regular/normal” conversation. With no shouting (or the net equivalent, all caps)!

        That you know what I mean I’m confident.

        Kinda nice being in unfamiliar territory (where possibly getting “trauma” isn’t a concern) I even have a … well let me just put it that I can put together a nice fresh, salsa verde.

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