Belated Father’s Day link

I meant to post a link to this Stella Morabito piece, Rather Than Judging Fathers’ Household Labor, Let’s Appreciate It,  on Father’s Day, but better late than never.  Morabito writes:

“Politicized feminists—such as high achievers Sheryl Sandberg and Anne-Marie Slaughter—laid a lot of the groundwork for chore angst by zeroing in almost exclusively on score-keeping over domestic chores. Melinda Gates has also chimed in. But you’ll find little discussion about the value of traditionally masculine household projects. The hype seems to be for a 50-50 split only in the so-called traditionally feminine labor: housework and child care.

As they’ve come to realize that the maternal instinct dies hard, feminists are focusing more on engineering the role of the father. They don’t welcome the news that millennial women are surprisingly inclined to leave the workforce to stay home with kids. Hence, the focus on changing male attitudes, such as Sandberg trying to convince men that doing more housework would pay sexual dividends. She called it “choreplay.” Sigh.”

Morabito demolishes the feminist dogma about keeping score on 50-50 “equal distribution of labor” in marriage, with a tribute to two very different men, her father and her husband.

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