Another shoe dropped

Another shoe dropped.  Susan Rice, Samantha Power and John Brennan were mentioned a couple days ago, as being subpoenaed to provide information to the House Intelligence Committee on their unmasking Americans names from surveillance intelligence.

Trey Gowdy questioned John Brennan on unmasking at the May 23rd hearing.  Gowdy asked about unmasking Americans’ names on the last day an official served in office.  So, based on Gowdy’s questions and the subsequent subpoenas, it will be interesting to see which Obama hack(s) unmasked Americans’ names, who unmasked names on his or her last day in office and who has been leaking all this information to the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Gowdy’s questioning begins at 28:24 and he also has more questions for Brennan at 41:42.

Americans should be very concerned when intelligence is used for partisan political attacks on American citizens by high officials entrusted to protect The Constitution.

“Russian influence” operates the same way.  The Russians excel at smear campaigns, vicious character assassinations, using ill-gotten information to advance their political agendas using mass media to disseminate their messaging.  The Democrats relentless, hysterical “Russian influence” spin is as destructive as Trump’s endless spin and misdirections.  And both might be more destructive than any influence operations the Russians could dream up.

Who needs foreign enemies, when domestic partisans are tearing the very fabric of our republic to shreds?  Hillary has come out of the woods and with the help of much of the mainstream media, she is ready to refight the 2016 information war, in hopes of destroying Trump.  Trump is rumored to be considering bringing his “GOP Insurgent” scorched earth talking points street-brawler, Corey Lewandowski, into the White House to help fight the Clinton/Obama/Dem/media machines who are colluding to destroy Trump’s presidency (the Resistance).

Putin really doesn’t have to exert much effort to destroy Americans’ trust in their own government, when we’ve got the two most vile, corrupt, narcissistic sociopaths still engaged in take no prisoners, scorched earth information warfare.

Who knows what will be left when Drumpfzilla and the Witch of Chappaqua get done fighting.  It’s a safe bet that America will be worse off for enduring Trump vs. Hillary.

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    20 April 2017

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