Perfect Timing

Divide and conquer

If you think the Trump turmoil/Russian interference hysteria peaked, well, think again.  Here are some news and flashbacks to other bits of loose threads in this ongoing American soap opera – The Never-ending Trump/Clinton Scorched Earth Information War.

In the past week, President Trump fired FBI Director, James Comey, hosted two top Russian officials in the Oval Office, tweeted out a “warning” to Comey that he might have tapes of their conversations, blew-up his WH staff’s explanations on the Comey firing and stated he might stop WH press briefings.

Amidst this endless turmoil, the mainstream media keeps breaking “bombshell” stories, all citing anonymous sources (likely Dems & intel officials who want Trump impeached).  The mainstream media continues to carry the talking points for the Clinton (Dem) scorched earth information war.  Trump, by his own imprudent tweeting, impulsive actions and need to boast, has inflicted more damage on his presidency than his enemies could ever hope to.

So, into this latest drama here are some things to watch:

The New York Times reported that there is a Comey memo of Trump asking Comey if he can end the General Flynn investigation.  The memo was not handed over to the New York Times, but a Comey associate read parts of it to a reporter during a phone conversation.

President Trump’s National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster, refutes the media claims that President Trump divulged highly classified intelligence to the Russians during his Oval Office meeting.

Yesterday, the Drudge Report ran a blazing headline about a murdered DNC staffer, Seth Rich, which other conservative media leaped on.  The story alleges that this young staffer was Wikileaks’ source of the leaked DNC emails.  The victim’s family refuted the cited evidence.  Zero Hedge, a blog reported by some intelligence analysts as a Russian front operation,  has a story reporting the chronology of events from  Rich’s murder, to 12 days later Wikileaks started leaking DNC emails.  Rich’s family came out yesterday and refuted this report.

The perfect timing of this sensational story, that moved attention from the Dems’ “Russian collusion” hysteria to a story, that shifted blame for the leaks to a disgruntled DNC staffer, struck me as quite astounding.  This story bolstered many Trump supporters’ belief that Trump is a victim of unfair liberal media attacks and that the Russian collusion hysteria is a Democrat effort to destroy Trump.

The mainstream media and the Democrats can be out to destroy Trump, but the timing of this Seth Rich story, made me wonder about the Russians, once again, playing a hand to keep the American partisans frothing.  It smelled to me like the Russians possibly playing another “trump” card.  The veracity of the story, is something I have no idea about, but the perfect timing is out in the open for all to see.  I wonder who decided to sensationalize this story and which media outlet(s) ran it first.  The Drudge Report decided it needed to be emblazoned across the top of the site yesterday, as “big” news.

Now, Putin aides report that Putin might release a transcript of the conversations that occurred in the Oval Office, between President Trump and two top Russian officials last week.

This is Putin using “Russian interference” to fuel American partisans’ distrust of each other, but on the national level, this casts America, not just President Trump, as inept, Reality-TV level buffoonish and not a world leader.

And that has been the real goal of the “Russian interference” in our 2016 election, but also the goal of the Russians since 1919, when the Russians took charge of the Comintern (Communist International).

President Trump really is just a useful idiot to Putin.  If Trump takes the Russian bait and touts the Russian’s transcript as vindicating him, he will have been masterfully played… again.

Putin is not America’s friend… or President Trump’s.

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