The crafting side of LB…

Decorating dilemma with my hearth.  On the left side of my hearth, I had pot with a snake plant in it, but the snake plant bit the dust.  One of my dogs started grabbing mouthfuls of the dirt and spreading it around the living room, so I decided to use an old basket my sister had decorated long ago and some old Walmart clearance silk flowers I had.  Color combos aren’t my strong suit and I don’t know anything about flower arranging, but I like how it turned out.

I am trying to use some of the craft and sewing clearance junk I bought at Walmart, while working there. The way it worked with me is, we’d have some merchandise go on clearance and it didn’t sell right away. Then my co-workers would tell me how crafty I was and suggest that I could find some use for it.  Upon which I would start thinking of craft and sewing projects using that “stuff” and before I knew it, I bought it.

With all the closets in my house full, I’m now in the mindful stage of hoarding, which is recognizing my bad shopping habits and focusing instead on trying to find creative ways to use some of the stuff I already have. Yes, I am shopping my own house first, before buying more craft or sewing stuff.

Have a nice day:-)

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