Sunday morning stitching update


Put my Christmas Amazon gift card to good stitching use… used  patterns;-)  Of course, I need more patterns about as much as I need more books…


Here’s the first project I’m making from The Ultimate Tissue Topper Collection.  I made the first side and then realized that I mixed up the white and yellow on the pattern, because the only yellow is supposed to be outlining the star in the center.  So, I sent a photo to my youngest daughter and asked her if it looks okay with so much yellow. I kind of like it with more yellow, so I’m leaving it this way.


Finished these two tissue box covers in the past couple weeks.  The information war being waged in America worries me a great deal and needlework relaxes me…  so, I guess it’s time to pull out all those not completed sewing and craft projects and get busy on those too in the next 4 years.  Who knows, I might even clean out my sewing and craft room and donate a bunch of stuff to schools, nursing homes or the senior citizen center.  My fabric collection is more than a dozen large plastic tote containers, from years of working in a fabrics and crafts department at Wal-mart and buying fabric that was on clearance.


While rummaging around in my plastic canvas supplies I came across this tissue box cover from the late 90s, that I had stitched all the sides and top and stuck it in a ziploc bag, thinking I’d start making several tissue box covers, put the pieces in ziploc bags with yarn to stitch the sides and top together later.  It takes very little time to stitch the pieces together and I thought these might be nice to have ready as last minute gifts.  So, after I make 4 more, that I committed to make for people, that’s my plan.

Somewhere in this stitching I want to make a couple of these adorable Salute to America samplers in the old leaflet, pictured at the top.  The Home Sweet Home pattern, that is stitched inside a USA shape, inside of an American flag would be a perfect addition to my I love America foyer.

This free Janlynn (that’s a needlework company) pattern is very simple, but cute and it’s on my list of needlework projects too.  Below is a photo from a Leisure Arts leaflet that is also on my short list of projects for this year.  I had intended to start stitching this sampler in 1998, but as they say, shit happens.  This year, I intend to get back to my needlework.


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