Another day of America politics gone off the rails.

Congress certified the Electoral College vote from December, so it’s official, Donald J. Trump will be the next United States President and Mike Pence will be the next Vice President.

Now, to the surreal, is the intelligence nightmare that continues over the Russian hacking and what influence it had in the 2016 Presidential election.

Yesterday, intelligence officials testified under oath to Congress finally, but there were no smoking gun sound bites from that hearing presided over by Senator John McCain.

Hours later news media outlets started reporting on leaked information from a senior administration official:

“Meanwhile, US intelligence has received new information following the election that gave agencies increased confidence that Russia carried out the hack and did so, in part, to help Trump win.

Included in that new information were intercepted conversations of Russian officials expressing happiness at Trump’s win. Another official described some of the messages as congratulatory.

Officials said this was just one of multiple indicators to give them high confidence of both Russian involvement and Russian intentions. Officials reiterated that there is no single intercepted communication that qualifies as a “smoking gun” on Russia’s intention to benefit Trump’s candidacy or to claim credit for doing so.”


What outraged me was intercepted signal intelligence was leaked by the Obama administration to clearly bolster the Democratic spin effort to delegitimize Trump’s win, when top intelligence officials were in front of the cameras for hours earlier and had the opportunity to provide intelligence that was deemed suitable for release to the public.  It’s disgusting to see intelligence gathered to keep all Americans safe used to fuel partisan political agendas.

Trump is demanding Congress investigate this leak that he perceives as a witch-hunt, but he has devoted a lot of effort to sucking up to Putin and championing Julian Assange as some sort of crusader for the truth, when in reality Assange’s leaking is not geared toward governmental transparency, as he claims, but works to destabilize western democracies and foment distrust  among Western alliances. His operation works to bolster the agenda of Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin.

The American mainstream media greatly discredited itself by participating in the Clinton Scorched Earth 2.0 effort to promote the GOP Insurgency to the tune of billions of dollars in free media and selling Trump talking points and sitting on piles of dirt on Trump during the primary.  Then in the general election, the mainstream media jumped into action working to bury Trump in all that dirt they had compiled for months.

Trump mastered the Clinton scorched earth,  Sure, he benefited from the Wikileaks leaks and the FBI criminal investigation being reopened, but he also benefited from Hillary’s terrible missteps like calling Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables” and sanctimonious speeches, poor campaign planning on which states to visit and a lack of a campaign message.  She campaigned on “Trump is Deplorable” and it backfired.

Trump’s talking points – the “Make America Great Again” slogan, the focus on jobs, securing the border, and rebuilding the military resonated with many Americans as meat and potatoes issues.

If anything provided Trump the boost to winning this election, I would argue it’s the very corrupt billions of dollars of free media he was given by the media in the primary to wage his GOP Insurgency on the cheap.  Who the media colluded with for the Trump primary spin messaging has not been reported.  Who fed Trump those primary talking points and advised him to spin the “winning in all the polls” and other memes, has not been revealed yet either.

Wikileaks exposed the Clinton campaign’s corrupt media collusion, but make no mistake of it Trump’s GOP Insurgency was a product of corrupt media collusion too.

That’s why I was #NeverTump&NeverHillary all along.  Trump won the corrupt scorched earth battle, but the long war of protecting and defending The Constitution is the one every American should be fighting.  Both political parties in American are now completely controlled by very corrupt leadership.

The Democratic Party machine is a known entity,  The Clinton machine corruption is a known entity.  President Obama and his ties to the Chicago political machine are a known entity.

Trump’s financial ties to foreigners, his connections to organized crime, even his tax records aren’t known.  Trump’s siding with Putin and Wikileaks while attacking American intelligence agencies should raise alarm bells.  Trump’s insistence on tweeting about nuclear policy and other serious foreign policy issues should raise alarms too.

Trump corrupts everyone around him.  He is like the Clintons in that regard.   Newt Gingrich these days sounds like Lanny Davis.  Back in November Gingrich started selling thwarting anti-nepotism laws, so that Trump could have his son-in-law, Jared Kushner and daughter, Ivanka, working in the White House:

 ““I think they would have to get a waiver to the anti-nepotism law,” Gingrich, a longtime Trump surrogate, said on “Fox and Friends” on Wednesday. “That might be a little tricky, although I think if they worked at it, they could do it.””


Here’s Rep. Pete King on Julian Assange, pre-Trumpian and now:

“This person should be pursued,” King declared in a November 2010 Fox News interview. “Assange is absolutely guilty. He does have blood on his hands. And the fact is that there should be much more outrage.”

“They are aiding and abetting terrorist organizations. They are providing the weapons to terrorist organizations, giving them information which they can use to kill Americans,” King said of WikiLeaks, adding, “Because they are accessories to a terrorist organization, we should declare them a terrorist organization.”

In December that same year, Rep. King introduced a bill targeting WikiLeaks.

“I consider Mr. Assange a handmaiden of terror. And he definitely has blood on his hands as far as I’m concerned,” said former CIA Director James Woolsey, now a Trump national security adviser and media surrogate, in a November 2010 MSNBC interview.

Contrast that to his response Wednesday when asked about Mr. Trump’s citing of Julian Assange. “I don’t know what Julian Assange knows,” Woolsey said. “This really ought to be a situation in which we get at the facts and understand them before we start making judgments, it seems to me


Thankfully, James Woolsey had his fill of the Trump moral vacuum and walked away as a senior adviser to Trump yesterday.  One can only wonder how far Newt and some of these others will go selling their souls to prop up Donald J. Trump.

What alarms me the most is how effortlessly the Russians have been able to keep Americans frothing in partisan battles, to the point partisan factions put advancing their partisan agenda above the national security of the United States.  A president-elect with the emotional maturity of a 10 year-old champions Putin, strong-men in general, and a Russian front – Wikileaks and a senior official in the current White House is leaking intercepts of high level Russian officials to score partisan points.

Donald Trump was legally elected.  There was plenty of corrupt campaigning on both sides, corrupt media collusion and corrupt influence from abroad, but Homeland Security reported there was no unusual activity detected on election day, tampering with ballots.  Americans are free citizens and no one forced them to vote a certain way.

I will support President Trump on issues where I believe his policies are beneficial to America, but if he strays from The Constitution, I will speak out and support constitutional efforts to deal with that, whether it be through Congressional actions or Supreme Court rulings – the same as I have supported with every other President of the United States.

We are at a perilous cross-roads in America.  No matter what happens, my devotion is to defending The Constitution and referring to the rule of law to be championed above partisan causes.

That is where I stand:



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