Happy New Year!

memorial day

Happy New Year!

At the end of 2015, I wrote about moving my blog in another direction:

“Instead of endless political and foreign policy commentary (402 posts in 2015), I’m going to attempt to move my blog in another direction.  Anyone can be an armchair critic about all that is wrong in American politics and culture, but let’s face the truth, it’s not the politicians’ fault for the state of our culture, our communities or the problems in our own lives.  Despite the hype about the 2016 election, neither political party can fix America.  Only committed citizens can do that.

Assuredly, failed social programs do deserve criticism, but let’s enter the new year facing the truth.  Rebuilding the American team starts at the individual level, in fact, it starts with each of us.  So, with this wide open internet why can’t we start working to share ideas, resources, and most of all inspirations geared toward that mission:  rebuilding the American team.”


With a US presidential election in 2016 and so much else happening in the world, I didn’t stick to that goal of writing about inspirations to rebuild the American team as much as I wanted.  Like most of America, I got caught up in the Witch of Chappaqua vs. Drumpzilla endless battles,  but with that national embarrassment of two vile candidates running down-in-the-mud scorched earth campaigns over, it’s time to take a deep breath and refocus on that goal.

And after last year’s Reality TV national embarrassment, it’s time for all Americans to recommit to rebuilding the American team;-)

Wishing everyone a safe, happy, blessed New Year!





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