The French Secular Mob Rules

Tyler O’Neil wrote an article at PJ media, “French Court Bans ‘Disturbing’ Anti-Abortion Down Syndrome Ad,” about the French court upholding a ban on the above 2014 video produced for World Down Syndrome Day. O’Neil explains:

“Last month, a French court upheld a 2014 ban on a television ad showing smiling Down syndrome children because it might disturb the consciences of women who chose to abort their children with Down syndrome. No, I’m not making this up.

In 2014, the Italian Down syndrome advocacy organization CoorDown produced the video “Dear Future Mom” for World Down Syndrome Day (March 21). The video addressed the fears of mothers pregnant with Down syndrome children, showing that despite the disease, children could still be happy and bring joy to those around them, especially their mothers. It is a moving award-winning video, and it has gone viral online.”

He continues:

“The Conseil d’État, France’s State Council, rejected an appeal to reverse a ban on the film by the Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel (CSA). The Conseil d’État called the video “inappropriate” because smiling kids with Down syndrome are “likely to disturb the conscience of women who had lawfully made different personal decisions.””

If you thought the reasoning behind their forced secularization with their burkini ban, where they don’t secure their borders, but have police patrolling beaches to harass Muslim women wearing burkinis, well, this one tops that insanity.  In this case, the video is banned, because showing happy children, who have Down Syndrome, with their mothers might make women, who aborted their Down Syndrome baby, feel bad.  The possibility that these women, who aborted their Down Syndrome babies, might feel guilt or bad about their decision outweighs presenting a different viewpoint on having a baby with Down Syndrome.

Once again, thank God that in America we have The Constitution and 1st Amendment to safeguard FREE SPEECH!


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2 responses to “The French Secular Mob Rules

  1. Sam Topeka

    George Will wrote an excellent column on this as well. As you know, his adult son has Downs syndrome.
    I have noticed over the years that Down’s syndrome children are mostly Filipino or Mexican. Not everyone kills their babies for convenience.

  2. Thanks Sam, I will read Will’s article today:-)

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