Obama Pentagon used plagiarized Wikipedia info in report

President Obama loves to pontificate about his administration’s professional behavior.  Here is a report that top level Pentagon officials sent a report to Congress that included plagiarized information pulled from Wikipedia.

This is the same sort of scam that the IRS pulled with the Lois Lerner email game the administration engaged in when Congress requested records and when Congress requested State Department records.  It sure appears that the Obama administration does everything it can to subvert the law when fulfilling its reporting obligations to Congress.  And for anyone who believes President Obama is honest, well, he declared there was nothing criminal in Hillary’s emails or email server set-up, despite never having reviewed all the emails or before the FBI investigation was completed.

When it comes to “fake news”, the Obama administration should worry more about how they carry out their official duties, than with how social media runs its business.  What a joke for this administration to act all high and mighty about integrity or ethical conduct.

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