During the election Hillary’s campaign played Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song”.  I came across this version of the song, “This is Your Fight Song (Rachel Platten Scottish Cover) by the Piano Guys, which I really like.  The bagpipes and snare drums give the song a military march vibe, which naturally appeals to me, being a lover of military march music.  The scenery in the video is absolutely stunning too.

Now, Hillary could commit a litany of crimes, which James Comey listed, but as he said and Hillary, the Democrats, and liberal media repeated ad nauseum, there was no “intent” to break the law, in she and her staff repeatedly mishandling highly classified information, so “not criminal”.  I’m sure that same media would latch onto whatever nefarious “intent” was given to me posting this song, because I angered them with my “Tweet storm”, by mocking their “journalistic integrity” and “reporting” (mostly cut and paste of other reporters’ reports- no independent fact-checking).  I am sure the Dems, whom I mocked would want me silenced and believe anything bad reported about me too.

Am I sending a dangerous, subversive message or just posting a music video, I love?   Guess it all depends on who people believe I am – law-abiding citizen or deranged subversive, in need of her meds, “threat”.

I’ve played the video above a lot lately too.  It’s a singer, Hayley Westenra,  from New Zealand, whom I had never even heard of, until I came across this video .  Her voice is very beautiful.

I’m a big Alan Jackson fan, he and I even have the same birthday, October 17th, so does liking a song that mentions God make me a dangerous right-wing zealot?

Here’s a 2013 LB post on this very topic: “Getting To Know You”.

Have a nice day:-)

Figured I’d add this song too, which I like:


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  1. Winston Smith

    Wonderful music,LB. And, yes, the Mini True is working overtime and what’s unacceptable changes according to their whims. That’s why, when I go shopping, I play the Queens Guards and Blackwatch with the car windows down, LOUD! I’m enjoying myself.

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