The Post-Election Reality Check

The past week should be a short enough time span for anyone to see how the Clinton/Obama/Democratic Party machines collude with the liberal media to SPIN (LIE) to change the public perception about issues and events in the news – it is hard-nosed propaganda to control America.

So, as I wrote yesterday, the Clinton campaign full-force Scorched Earth 2.0 to throw every slur against Trump they can is in full-swing, but there’s another propaganda move in the works.  This one for post-election and all of them, from President Obama, on down started setting the stage for that this week.

No matter who wins: President Obama will make sure Hillary & Bill Clinton and all their close associates have full pardons before he leaves office in January.  He will also fire James Comey and install someone who will crack the whip and squash all attempts to investigate the Clintons.

One week ago James Comey sent his letter to the House leaders informing them that he was reopening the FBI criminal investigation into Hillary’s email server.  That decision came from the discovery of emails stored on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, which the FBI is investigating in Weiner’s sexting with an underage girl case.  So, the initial Wall Street Journal report stated there were 650,000 emails found on Weiner’s laptop and that many thousands of them are Huma Abedin’s State Department emails.

So, the story went from that information, to more FBI leaks indicating many of these emails are NOT emails previously turned over to the State Department.  Abedin’s lawyer dismissed this as Abedin does not know how the emails got on that laptop.  Friends of Abedin, inside the Clinton camp, reported various explanations, like Abedin didn’t know her email was backing up onto that laptop and more of she did not even know those emails were there.

The Clinton/Obama/Democratic Party machines united with their friends in the liberal media to launch an all out SPIN blitzkrieg to shut down the FBI leaks and to discredit both Comey and the FBI.  This week it’s the FBI is out of control, the FBI is a bunch of Trump fanboys, Pelosi saying Comey needs to be fired, Comey violated the Hatch Act, there is no “investigation” (using their old parsing what words mean gimmick), etc. etc.  Abedin will be cast as a victim of Islamophobia.

This media blitzkrieg is setting the stage for the Clinton pardons and Comey’s ouster, regardless who wins.  Obama will play it off as he’s trying to set a new tone in Washington, where everyone plays by the same rules or some other bs line to turn the tables on any Republicans who cry foul and the minute the Republicans start speaking out, the SPIN, with full media collusion, will be, “those Republicans are on another right-wing witch hunt!”  Obama has higher approval than either Trump or Hillary at this point, because their awfulness makes him look better.  He will leave office pretending he tried to end the divisiveness, while assuring that the Clinton/Obama/Democratic Party machines still control the political narrative in America.

And into the media mix we have Russian active measures – where there are Russian agents, willing accomplices,and useful idiots spewing angry right-wing rhetoric.  DrudgeReport and Breitbart seem like two likely conduits for Russian propaganda efforts to foment far-right anger, but there are more subtle ones too.  And speaking of the Russians, the Left is in full Red Scare mode, and Hillary resurrected the Daisy girl ad… isn’t that a bizarre propaganda twist.  No more bizarre than that Americans, faced with lying politicians and very corrupt liberal media collusion, are seeking the “truth” from a Russian front, Wikileaks, which is reporting on the corruption of the American government and media…  It’s all very surreal.

Angry Americans, who speak out about the WHOLESALE PUBLIC CORRUPTION, have already been set-up by Trump, the Bill Clinton DUPE, with his strong-man delusions, fomenting angry rhetoric, giving legitimacy to a lot of racists in America, and Trump’s idiotic big name enablers, who got on board with the over-the-top rants.  All of them will be cast as “haters”, “dangerous deplorables”, and “not who we are”.

Obama already is putting these poison pills into the media narrative.  The Clinton/Obama/Democratic Party machines know Obama has the constitutional power to make sure the Clintons remain above the law.  He can’t afford to let Hillary go down, because he will go down too – his entire administration jeopardized national security with their grossly negligent handling of sensitive information by using private email.

The FBI Notes of Abedin’s interview already exposed that President Obama used private email to discuss classified information with Clinton, using her server email. (page 93 of FBI Notes). Abedin asked how that could not be classified when shown this email and asked for a copy.  She then provided information that she didn’t go on the trip to St. Petersburg and noted that the security protocols in St. Petersburg were not necessarily the same as they were for Moscow , where they were not allowed to use blackberries.  So, the topic of the email between Obama and Hillary, which Obama was discussing using his GMAIL account, was Russia.

Since the Russians (and many other foreign intelligence agencies) still follow sane security protocols, unlike the Obama administration, I would not be surprised if they exploited the private emails accounts of EVERY top Obama administration official.

The Obama administration is a national security nightmare and a threat to America.  

That’s the TRUTH.

Although the Clintons and Obama don’t understand anything about actual military strategy or how to use military power, they have perfected a vile form of  INFORMATION WARFARE, which really is nothing more than wimpy cat-fighting that women do naturally.  Cat-fighting involves whispering campaigns, spreading vicious gossip and lies, manipulating people (especially men) to do your dirty work for you, playing the victim, blackmailing enemies, etc.  Most men don’t understand cat-fighting, although some wimpy men, like Bill Clinton and his war room, the leader from behind and Trump, have mastered it…  Of course, thatwitch2016, being a very, catty, bitchy woman is a natural at it.

I prefer real military strategy – it takes more integrity and careful planning.

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One response to “The Post-Election Reality Check

  1. Tonight on another forum someone was insisting that there’s no evidence that President Obama discussed classified information on is gmail, in an email with Hillary. I referred to the FBI Notes. The FBI was investigating email chains with classified information and the notes indicate she was shown an email from an email chain dated June 28, 2012. I understand this to mean one of the classified email chains.

    Comey reported:

    “110 e-mails in 52 e-mail chains have been determined by the owning agency to contain classified information at the time they were sent or received.”

    Abedin was sure the Obama/Clinton email was classified too, then asked for a copy, so I don’t think I am off-base in my assertion that President Obama exchanged classified information in his gmail with Hillary. Now, if she sent that to him, she still kept using her private unsecured server and she remained the Sec of State until Feb, 2013. No big deal…

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