Contrived Media Hysterics

Social media, the TV pundits and news peeps erupted into frenzied hysterics about Trump’s response to Chris Wallace’s question about whether Trump would accept the outcome of the election, if he loses. This hysteria is ridiculous.

FOX news played the same game against Trump last night, that they used against the other GOP candidates during a GOP primary debate, to pit them against the “will of the people” – this is a slick propaganda gambit. The media piled on during the primary pinning down every GOP leader they could find and exacting a pledge from them that they would accept the “will of the people”,  if Trump got the most votes. That FOX used this same ploy against Trump last night, to pit him against the “will of the people” and the the media hysterics that immediately erupted, shows that FOX staged that question for just that purpose.

Hillary wasn’t asked that question, but she was allowed to get on her soapbox and lecture us about American principles – this woman, who tramples on the law with impunity.

This was shameless agitation propaganda, where the only loser was the American electoral process last night, because if the system is “rigged”, none of us should accept that vote as legitimate – that’s the TRUTH. The media is playing an outsized role in running the Clinton scorched earth to pile-on dirt, to bury Trump now.

All of this is dirt, the media withheld during the primary, while they were giving Trump billions of dollars in free media to burn the GOP to the ground.

However, with FOX – first with their relentless Trumpathon in the primary and now this set-up, which only foments more factional divides and distrust in the American electoral process, something smells. Trump did the same thing he did in the primary – tried to make it about his being treated “unfairly”, but this time the liberal mass media colluded with Hillary, not him.

Once again FOX News is a foreign-owned company, but their role in the American media has always been to incite the far-right, wave the American flag and fuel partisan divides in America.

Update:  My son corrected me on FOX News being a foreign-owned company.  Rupert Murdoch became an American citizen in 1985:

In 1981, Murdoch bought The Times, his first British broadsheet, and became a naturalized U.S. citizen (and as a result, gave up Australian citizenship) in 1985 to satisfy the legal requirement for U.S. television ownership.[8]

I still have niggling doubts whenever I watch FOX News’ ginning up the far-right and especially watching this Trump spectacle in the 2016 election.  Something isn’t quite right there – it’s deliberate propaganda most of the time to stir up partisan divisiveness and NOT to unite America – I guess, that’s what bothers me about all the flag-waving on FOX.  It’s not really promoting American values or principles at all, just rabid partisanship.

I used to refer to CNN as the Communist New Network, for the same reason – it was  a rabid far-left propaganda machine, but in 2016, it became the Clinton New Network, just an arm of the Clinton campaign spin-cycle.

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One response to “Contrived Media Hysterics

  1. lolly52

    Susan – great post. The media has always believed – if it bleeds, it leads. But I agree with you that today’s media has taken that motto to new heights of information distortion.

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