The GOP’s moral collapse

The Republican Party did nothing to fend off a hostile takeover by a loudmouth, New York liberal, celebrity con man.  By last December, a few Republicans started organizing a #NeverTrump group, to attempt to stop Trump from securing the Republican nomination for President.  They failed and to date, their motives and objectives vary from purely principled to blatantly political and self-interested.  They’re a mixed bag, some nutty, while others seem grounded in religious or moral principles.   I did sign the online #NeverTrump petition, even though I have no contact with any #NeverTrump group.

The reason, I stated early in the Trump campaign, for why I will never support or vote for him remains the same – he lacks character.  This has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton, because for the same reason, I will never vote for her either.  Both are thoroughly corrupt, extreme narcissists, who will stop at nothing to get what they want.  This scorched earth death match will expose them as two people who will say or do anything to win and it’s going to become even more of a national embarrassment as these vile liars, try to publicly expose each other’s corruption, both personal and professional.  Since both know no moral boundaries when it comes to their personal ambitions and desires, assuredly this past week is only a prelude.

For years, many Republicans felt alienated and used by the party’s elite, with years of broken promises and excuses.  That sentiment led to the rise of the Tea Party movement and it also provided an opportunity for a demagogue like Trump to gain traction.

Last week’s video of Trump talking about sexually-predatory behavior, a behavior that certainly falls into the category of sexual assault, gave Republican leaders a clear warning, that Trump likely engaged in predatory sexual conduct.  Now, if he actually did grab women by their private parts without their consent, well that is sexual assault – END OF CONVERSATION!  That Republican officials are quibbling over semantics or making all sorts of qualifiers out of political-posturing to prop up Trump, shows the complete collapse of their moral character.  The moral dissonance for Republican officials to denounce, un-endorse, re-endorse Trump speaks to a lack of sound moral principles – sorry that’s the truth.  If you need to couch everything, due to political calculations, you’ve lost you way on moral clarity.

The most absurd pronouncements are those who refuse to endorse Trump, but say they will still vote for him.  Saying you will vote for him is endorsing him.  So many Republicans are exposing their weak characters by this back and forth, endorsing, un-endorsing, re-endorsing sad spectacle.

Trump’s vetting should have occurred during the primary, but the Republican Party failed to vet him at all.  Each bombshell that these Trump leaks detonates should be destroying not just Trump, but the Republican leadership, who failed to properly vet their own candidate.

The real red line moral quandary, which should give these moral wafflers pause is it’s obvious from watching the Clinton sewer rats dump dirt, that they carefully stage their scorched earth attacks, in a progressive order, each one worse than the previous one.

So, it’s obvious, they have saved their worst attacks on Trump until days before the election, meaning there will be plenty more distrurbing revelations about Trump to come… way worse than the grabbing women tape last week.

These Republican finger-to-the-wind  politicians will be left blowing in the wind for failing to have the backbone to denounce Trump and walk away from him, when they knew he was a loose cannon, pathological liar, immoral, sociopath, which should have been obvious to just about anyone watching this man’s behavior in the past year.

Trump has done a service for the Republican Party though.  The weak, morally-bankrupt hypocrites are exposing themselves with Trump as the leader.  How far some of these so-called “conservatives” have gone sacrificing moral principles to prop up Trump illuminated the craven, weak, pathetic leaders in the party.  Only a few spoke out when Trump’s vile, corrupt character became obvious months ago and only a few remained steadfast in saying they will not support him.

If you support Trump, despite his reprehensible character, that speaks to your character too, not just Trump’s.

Standing up against the crowd takes moral courage.

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