Clinton/media collusion the real story!

Hillary collapsed getting into a van, after leaving a 9/11 memorial event early today.  Her campaign kept reporters away and in the dark for 90 minutes.  Then the campaign released the story that Hillary Clinton got overheated and did not feel well.  She was taken to Chelsea’s apartment, NOT to a hospital.

Hours later, Hillary Clinton’s doctor released a statement, stating that she diagnosed Hillary with pneumonia on Friday, prescribed antibiotics and advised her to rest and modify her schedule.  On Friday, she and her campaign insisted she was fine and just suffering from allergies.

As usual, even if this statement is true, the dodgy way the Clinton camp handled this obvious medical problem will fuel endless conspiracy theories and THAT is exactly why they do it.  They throw out all this stuff, that begs any rational person to look askance about the truthfulness, and then Hillary can play the martyr of the “vast, right-wing conspiracy” again.

Even better for her, is this doctor’s note gets her out of being so accessible to the media again – a win/win for the Clinton camp, while they wait for Donald Trump to overplay her health situation.

The thing everyone should be focusing on is that her handlers kept the media away and did not tell them anything until 90 minutes later. It was only a citizen (he says he is a Hillary-supporter btw), who caught her collapsing on video and posted it on Twitter, that FORCED the Clinton camp to say more. THAT is what we should be talking about – they were almost able to cover this up completely. There’s a second video on Twitter too, shot from another angle – so two citizens “reported” it. If all we had to rely on is the media, we would still be getting the “the cough is just allergies and she overheated today” story.

The liberal media was all over Twitter trying to talk down that she collapsed and that she has a more serious health problem – they were trying to cover-up for her AGAIN.  Chuck Todd’s leaked email correspondence with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, about spinning  in the Dem. primary, makes me discount him as a “journalist”.  He also was prepared to spread the “Nuremberg rally imagery” meme bit, after that Trump pledge rally, so I strongly suspect there are plenty more email connections between him and Clinton political operatives.

“Journalism”…. yeah right!

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