Clinton ghosts still haunt Trump Tower….

Donald Trump still lacks self-discipline and continues to trample on his own message, with crazy tweets, outbursts and plenty of name-calling.  Media reports and even Paul Manafort, the Trump campaign manager who just resigned, commented on Trump’s refusal to stay on message and his penchant for making impetuous, angry comments that kept the campaign mired in doing damage control.  Trump still wants to run a Clinton-style mass media saturation/scorched earth strategy, trying to revive some of that primary mojo, but it’s not working.  Guess he hasn’t figured out that the corrupt BILLIONS of dollars in FREE media was what made the difference, not his “great” personality.

Never fear though, the Clinton ghosts still haunt Trump Tower.

Trump hired Stephen Bannon from Breitbart and Kellyanne Conway to head up his campaign, but now it’s being reported that Corey Lewandowski was paid $20,000 by Trump in July and is continuing to advise Trump in almost daily phone calls and even showing up at rallies and being treated like staff.

At the same time Lewandowski is working at CNN as an analyst and proclaims he’s impartial on the race.

I think someone should be looking to see if the Clinton campaign is funneling money and memes to Lewandowski, to egg on Trump,  encouraging him to act out….. throwing the election for Hillary:

One senior level campaign official said, “He’s more involved than anyone realizes.”

Another senior-level aide said, “The days that Corey’s influence were widely seen were the days that Trump wanted to go back to — the old days, how he ran it in the primaries,” the person said, adding that Lewandowski “keeps telling him [Trump] to do what he wants, and for that, they’ll go down together.”

The Potemkin Trump campaign did not write all those talking points, orchestrate the perfect hits on the other GOP candidates or generate all those memes.  As I’ve said since last Fall, it has Clinton sewer rat fingerprints all over it.

So, now Trump and his mouthpieces wail about the UNFAIR media in the tank for Hillary and yes, they are.  However, the BILLIONS of dollars in FREE media Trump received in the primary was UNFAIR and corrupt too.

Tomorrow, I’ll try to get a blog post written on Russian disinformation and allegations being raised about Russian active measures at play trying to influence our election.


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4 responses to “Clinton ghosts still haunt Trump Tower….

  1. JK

    Well LB part of your post title anyway … talk about “ghosts haunting” and you’ll see why an hour spent here was worth it:

    • Your links lately all lead away from the issue I mentioned and divert to some other rabbit hole to follow. Thanks, I’ll go review 9/11 later, but right now I’m sticking to the Clinton corruption in this election.

  2. JK

    S’alright. I figure “something” will make the evening news tonight.

    There is a tie-in but, it goes back to 1993.

    • I’ll watch the video:-) I’ll be glad when this election is over – it’s like being told you have stage 4 cancer and trying to decide on treatment options…. they all lead to death, but you want to believe there’s some miracle cure out there…

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