New diapers?

The sanctimony, perhaps acrimony is the better term, expressed in these articles blaming #NeverTrump for Trump’s self-inflicted wounds, grows daily, as more and more of the Trump followers look for someone else to blame for this vile fraud’s problems.  

At PJ Media, Michael Walsh wrote another blistering attack:

“The time for opposition was during the primaries. But now, for better or worse, the issue is settled. Increasingly sounding like leftists, the “never Trumpers” appeal to a higher morality to justify their electoral sabotage, but the fact is their stance is profoundly immoral; sore losers, they demand a rules change after the game is over, and refuse to accept the results.”

Well, a commenter wrote the most succinct response, in the comment section and here’s the deal, Trump used the Clinton-style scorched earth in the primary and as I endlessly repeated, that takes a lot of media collusion to pull off.  Now  

Trump is being buried alive by that same liberal media running the Clinton scorched earth and it is brutal (just like his 24/7 “GOP Insurgency” was brutal).  I believe these scorched earth campaigns are corrupt and unethical, but I don’t know if it’s illegal for mass media elites to collude with politicians to manipulate media coverage, to allow one candidate to dominate the 24/7 news cycle for 8 months, to the tune of several billion dollars in free media coverage.  It sounds to me like it should be illegal, but I am not a legal scholar.  That said, Trump is helping the Clinton scorched earth, by making endless incendiary comments.  The following commenter rebutted Walsh’s tirade against #NeverTrumpers, so with his permission, here is his response:

” Increasingly sounding like leftists, the “never Trumpers” appeal to a higher morality to justify their electoral sabotage…”

Oh really? Who sounds like leftists here?

I haven’t heard this kind of mindless devotion to an unqualified candidate since 2008.
And Trump himself is already doing what we conservatives supposedly revile – He’s playing the victim. “It’s not fair. The system is biased against me. The debate schedule isn’t the way I want it. Hillary is getting illegals to vote. If I lose, it’s everyone else’s fault. They cheated.”

Game recap: Trump 1,000,000 excuses
Personal responsibility ZERO!

Trump and his army of Trumpanzees charged into this election on a tidal wave of boasts and braggadocio. They told us that we needed someone “tough.” They told us Trump “tells it like it is!” We need a hard-as-nails deal maker and businessman!” They said.

Now he’s down in the polls and the Trumpanzees and their candidate are squealing like a herd of stuck pigs!

“The media is biased against us!”
“The GOP is not loyal to us!”
“Conservative Never-Trumpers are betraying us.”
“Our panties are too tight. We have menstrual cramps. Megyn Kelly was mean to us! George Will isn’t being nice. Mexican judges aren’t fair. Boohooo!

Sounds like a pack of simpering liberals waiting for “hope and change.” Sounds like the change they need is for some new diapers.

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