Trump is deliberately throwing the race

The Trump chaos marches on. In recent days, Paul Manafort, the de facto Trump campaign manager, after Corey Lewandowski’s firing, has been hit with a barrage of media attacks about his connections to the deposed Ukrainian president, Victor Yanukovych…… million dollar under-the-table payment, etc.

Trump now is lowering Manafort’s profile and has promoted the clueless, Kellyanne Conway and Breitbart News executive, Stephen Bannon, to run his campaign. The leftist news site/blog, The Daily Beast, reports that:

“According to The Washington Post, the decision is intended to curtail Manafort’s efforts to temper Trump’s campaign style. Trump had reportedly begun to feel “boxed in” and “controlled.” Manafort will remain part of the team, but his role will be internally diminished. The decisions, essentially, are a way for Trump to return to former aide Corey Lewandowski’s style, which was “let Trump be Trump.””

You can read that as Trump doesn’t want to “act” presidential or be bothered with policy details.  He is throwing the race to Hillary Clinton.  He is a total fraud.  No ground game, no ads yet, and a bevy of bimbos and bozos surrounding him.

He is sure to go down in flames rapidly with this ditz Conway running his campaign.  “Trump being Trump” is Trump acting like a LOOSE CANNON  and proving the Clinton caricature right, day after day.  What a nightmare, where this “GOP Insurgent” is deliberately throwing the race for the Witch of Chappaqua and the RNC  leadership still wanders around in circles without any plan or guts to ditch this con man.

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