The Clinton Scandal Survival Strategy

Hillary’s email scandal remains a stubborn stain, that despite every stain removal remedy known to her crew of scandal white-washers, still keeps reappearing every time she thinks the latest SPIN cycle has washed it away. (SPIN is orchestrated LYING by government officials to deceive the American people and to manufacture opinion cascades)

That this woman is above the law disgusts me.  It’s bad enough that the Leftist partisans, to include some Democratic hack, high-ranking retired generals, who assuredly know her email server jeopardized national security, keep going in public and lying for the Clintons, but now many so-called Republican foreign policy experts have joined the Clinton bandwagon too.  They all know her setting up a home-brew server was such a reckless, deliberate, grossly negligent action, that she should face criminal charges, but they’re so entrenched in their own careers and the politicking,  that they’re willing to throw their support behind the horse that looks like it’s going to win in November.  Their actions are about their own personal careers, NOT about principles or national security.

I am disgusted with the “Republican foreign policy elites” who have come out and backed Hillary and my disgust has nothing to do with Trump at all. They are unfit to work in foreign policy positions in the United States, if they could follow the facts about her handling of highly sensitive information on her home-brew server and still support her.

She is not fit to ever handle any sensitive information and should be prosecuted.

All of them, having years of experience with handling classified information, know this.

I can understand not supporting Trump on foreign policy, but to ignore her email scandal speaks to moral bankruptcy.

“Move On” is an integral part of the Clinton Scandal Survival Strategy.  We all know how they wage scorched earth and create endless strawmen to light ablaze, as the cause of these never-ending, mean, “vast, right-wing conspiracies”, you know the ones, like those dastardly Koch Brothers or their evil, arch-nemesis Karl Rove or heck, anyone who tries to stand up for the rule of law, when the Clintons trample it. The Clintons behave like the kids in that comic strip, whom when their parents confront them about wrong-doing, all blurt out, “Not ME!” “Not ME” is Hillary’s constant refrain.

James Comey is in their sights now, as Bill Clinton, a perjurer, will now work to destroy Comey’s credibility and reputation. Before caving to the Clinton/Obama pressure, Comey exacted a desperate Hail Mary pass effort to expose Hillary Clinton in the “court of public opinion”, since every avenue to expose her in a “court of law” was cut off by Loretta Lynch.  Comey will now receive the Ken Starr treatment from the Clinton Crime Family.

Everyone who enters into the Clinton orbit becomes corrupted and the longer they remain “Clinton friends”, the more they sacrifice all their principles, because assuredly, as the Clintons grasp for more money and power, their lawlessness escalates. With the Clintons, they will always need their water-carriers to keep trying to put out the flames on their never-ending scandals and they need their talking points messengers repeating, ” TIME TO MOVE ON!”, so hey, the Clintons turn out to be lifetime employment for these gutless, immoral sycophantic lowlifes…… Who knows, perhaps the Clintons should give out annual “Lanny Davis Awards” for their best sycophantic sewer rats….

Kevin Williamson penned a very interesting piece on the Clinton’s “Move On” motto:

“Move on” is of course the Clinton family motto. If the Clintons had a family crest, the Latin at the top would read: “movete!”

In fact, you can quickly get a read on a particular individual or organization’s dedication to kissing Clinton ass by noting how quickly it deployed “move on!” and how deeply it is dedicated to that motto.

The gold standard there for many years was For you youngsters out there, is a self-described progressive group that was founded in 1998 in response to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, who committed perjury and suborned perjury in the course of trying to cover up his sexual exploitation of White House intern Monica Lewinsky, a crime for which he eventually was disbarred, though Senate Democrats ensured that his impeachment did not end in conviction and removal from office. Once he had exhausted every possible avenue of dishonesty, Clinton issued an angry denunciation that nearly took the form of an apology, and his minions immediately began demanding that the country “move on!”

Read more at:

Their Clinton Scandal Survival Strategy follows the same steps always:

  • Demonize those calling for the investigation and those tasked with the investigation as right-wing partisans and the investigation as another “vast, right-wing witch hunt”
  • Stall the investigation by any means possible, to include obfuscation, obstruction of justice, intimidation of witnesses, etc.
  • Destroy the reputation of any and all witnesses, who do step forward.
  • Toss out endless streams of diversionary talking points to confuse the legal issues involved in the investigation
  • After the investigation appears stonewalled and the talking points messaging has permeated for months, demand an end to “just another vast, right-wing witch hunt”
  • Send out the “TIME TO MOVE ON” choir,

When you hear the “Move On” choir reach crescendo pitch, you can be assured that the Clintons believe they have successfully killed another investigation into their Clinton Crime, Inc. family business and believe the final nail in the investigation has been driven home. This email server scandal keeps refusing to die, because since the House Benghazi hearing last October, the Clinton “Move On” choir now sounds like croaking frogs and the scandal just keeps rising haunting them ….. trails of email pop up everywhere, new  facts keep making it to reporters’ desks and people just aren’t buying the Clinton lies as easily as they used to.  It’s like more and more people are so sick of the Clinton’s BULL, that more and more are refusing to go along with the emperor’s new clothes storyline and seeing the naked truth…. and it ain’t pretty.

Bill Clinton’s public attack on James Comey was a warning shot, that he, being ABOVE THE LAW, like his coattail-riding wife, and being a former US President believes he holds all the power.  Jonah Goldberg often refers to the Clintons as the Medici of the Ozarks….. That is an understatement.

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  1. JK

    Oh. My. Gaaard!

    I suppose LB it’s too late to get a map of Arkansas’ geological features into Mr. Goldberg’s hands? Any chance you got the guy’s phone number?!!!

    That should be The Medici of the Ouachitas!


    But still I’d like to hand it to the NR for finally getting to what has been pointed out on your site as far back as 2014 LB. You happen to notice an old post of your’s maybe getting attention yesterday? The reason why ought be apparent from David’s D&N of yesterday.

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