The “great” Trump Reset….


The campaign media messaging from Team Clinton and Team Trump continues its downhill race to the bottom.  After a disastrous week, Team Trump began another supposed “reset”, with Trump set to launch some big economic plan today, while the Stone/Manafort duo wage an all-out crapfest of attacks on Hillary in their friendly media venues, like The Drudge Report, InfoWars, Breitbart, etc. with photos of Hillary looking either decrepit or “unhinged”.   These smear attacks are to feed their counter-attack against the liberal media’s coordinated, nuclear option level, smear attack with the Clinton campaign last week, to make Trump radioactive as the LOOSE CANNON, you know, the deranged madman intent on starting a nuclear war…

Trump’s big “reset” today will be about as successful as Hillary’s string of “campaign relaunches”, ostensibly to do a personality makeover, from arrogant, harpy bitch, to America’s sweet grandmother, all sugar and spice and Charlotte face time nice… We can see how that turned out….  same old sniping, thatwitch2016….  Jonah Goldberg penned a dissection of Trump and his endless “pivots” to “acting” presidential, “Waiting for the Pivot at the End of the Universe”  He writes:

Donald Trump isn’t running a presidential campaign; he’s running a national speaking tour. When a normal presidential campaign gets into trouble you can change tactics and strategy. When a cult of personality gets into trouble, what can you do? Only one thing: Change the personality. And, again, that isn’t going to happen. Ever.

Oh sure, his poll numbers will go up again. He’ll have a good few days, maybe even a good week. And given how we’ve lowered the bar when it comes to Trump’s behavior you can be sure Newt and Christie and, of course, Hannity will celebrate it like the demoralized parents of a junkie teenager who manages to get a B on his report card. “He’s got his act together!” Back in September, I wrote about the tendency of Trump boosters to over invest in Trump’s political accomplishments:

“But this is not an argument for Trump as a serious presidential candidate. It is really no argument at all. It is catharsis masquerading as principle, venting and resentment pretending to be some kind of higher argument. Every principle used to defend Trump is subjective, graded on a curve. Trump is like a cat trained to piss in a human toilet. It’s amazing! It’s remarkable! Yes, yes, it is: for a cat. But we don’t judge humans by the same standard.”

In the days ahead, Trump will stay on message for a day or two and the reaction from many will be “The Prophecies Are True!” and “Watch out Hillary!” and “Behold! The Cat Who Pees!” Never mind that serious presidential candidates are expected to be disciplined for months on end. We’ve so downgraded our expectations of Trump that even minimal or sub-minimal professionalism from him is greeted like unprecedented statesmanship. But it won’t last. It won’t last because it can’t. The “Days Since an Unpresidential Screw-Up” Clock will never hit double digits.

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This messaging sinks to such levels of absurdity, yet the media minions and a large chunk of the yammering political punditry class are little more than large-mouth bass taking any bait tossed their way.  So many supposed political wizards leap at all these shallow, campaign messaging sleaze dumps and treat them as serious news and legitimate “campaign issues”.

It’s still stunning that the political punditry class and supposed Republican political operatives don’t know how to discern how the Clinton “spin cycle” works after all these years and can’t seem to identify the talking points messaging.  Most of them seemed clueless that the “GOP Insurgent sent to burn the GOP to the ground” meme was a typical Clinton sewer rat meme from the start.  The trick is to not get sucked in emotionally by the messaging and just dispassionately identify the messaging, how often they’re repeated, where they originate in the media messaging stream, who all is working to spread the messages and then dispassionately determine, who the messaging benefits and to what ends is the messaging working to advance.

Cokie Roberts, on ABC’s This Week reacted to the Trump messaging counter-attack:

Roberts said, “About unhinged and she doesn’t look presidential, is totally code for we shouldn’t elect a woman. That is exactly what that is.”

So, who the heck is Cokie Roberts, well she isn’t some professional, unbiased journalist.  She’s the daughter of two very prominent Democrats, Congressman and Congresswoman, Hale and Lindy Boggs.  That should be added as a disclaimer to every word she utters on any partisan political issues, the same as ABC’s Georger Stephanopoulos, should have a disclaimer that he was is a top Democratic political operative and former White House Communications Director for President Bill Clinton.  These people aren’t journalists; they’re Democratic political operatives.

Newsflash to Cokie, if you live by character assassinations in politics, you might die by them too. This campaign has moved way beyond trying to pull the “mean Rick Lazio attacking a defenseless woman” tactic

Time to put on the big girl panties, Cokie, and quit playing the “victim of sexism card” every time someone uses the same Clinton smear tactics against Saint Hillary. Her whining about the Trump counter-attack serves as a clear-sign that she fears the Trump counterattack will gain some traction. The Clinton spin machine went “nuclear” last week against Trump, with the relentless, over-the-top, liberal media onslaught, casting Trump as a deranged madman, intent on starting a nuclear war (a LOOSE CANNON).

Too bad Trump has spent more time feeding their messaging than his own, so all he’s left with is getting into the gutter like the Clintons.


The reason for the schizophrenia inside the Potemkin Trump campaign, I firmly believe, stems from the battle over Trump’s messaging campaign inside the Potemkin Trump campaign.  There’s been this endless battle between the Lewandowski faction and the Roger Stone/big name GOP enabler faction.  The Trump children seem to be torn between the two political operative factions.  Trump was sold early on the Clinton talking points. scorched earth approach and his “GOP Insurgent” campaign, even though that messaging was a Clinton set-up.  That is obvious!

Roger Stone and the big name GOP enablers have been trying to pull Trump away from the Lewandowki (CLINTON) messaging, but truthfully that kind of throwing as much dirt as you can and hoping it sticks (the Carville approach) fits Trump’s bullying personality perfectly.  Last week was Trump deciding to try what worked to burn the GOP to the ground in the primary, with disastrous results.  The liberal media that colluded for his 24/7 “GOP Insurgency” Show is now doing what was planned all along – running the Clinton scorched earth to destroy the Republican nominee.  Despite Lewandowski finally being ousted, Stone and his friend, Paul Manafort have little control or influence on Trump, because Trump revels in the Clinton-style scorched earth messaging.  Manafort and Trump’s big name GOP enablers promise that today is the Trump “reset”….  So start counting how many days he can stay on message before he goes back to the LOOSE CANNON….

The BILLIONS of dollars of free media Trump was given by the likes of liberal CNN and MSNBC should have clued people in that this was a set-up.  Even the fascist memes back in February, the timeline points to Trump was sold on those strong-man talking points being a good idea by someone in his campaign.  Trump did that pledge rally, where he read a prepared pledge from a card and immediately, the likes of Chuck Todd were prepared to hype the “Nuremberg Rally” charge – it was a set-up, but someone inside Trump’s campaign convinced him that pledge rally was a good idea and set-up that pledge rally for him.  That two-week strong-man messaging of his led to the showdown against Soros funded mobs in Chicago and after that CNN and MSNBC pivoted to running Hillary’s scorched earth and Trump 24/7 friendly media there ended.

The bigger picture is way more than whether one of these two corrupt sleazes wins in November – it’s the WHOLESALE PUBLIC CORRUPTION.


Starting with the Clinton “war room” in the early 90s, and now we’re at Obama “narratives”, where every tool of the executive branch is used as a partisan tool, to include 50 military intelligence analysts reports being altered to fit the “Obama narrative” and a WH effort to corrupt the Army chain of command, by interfering in the prosecution of a deserter, the corruption has spread to undercutting military justice. Susan Rice going on national TV to declare Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction” was a blatant “undue command influence” trying to interfere in a UCMJ matter.  That Bergdahl’s case is still in limbo is solely because of Obama administration pressure on the Army to drop the case.  Then there are all the other “narratives” the Obama administration spread to cover-up – Benghazi, the IRS scandal, and the list goes on and on.

So, the Democratic Party is little more than an organized crime syndicate, where laws are for the little people and Republicans, but not for the likes of Hillary Clinton. If the email and electronic message traffic, between the Clinton operatives/the Potemkin Trump campaign and media conduits to smear and destroy 16 Republicans, gets leaked it will prove that the Clintons set in motion a corrupt effort to destroy the GOP primary and if the mass media collusion is proven, then that’s a totally corrupt system.


Blog Note:  In the next few days, I’m going to do a chronological thematic list with links to my blog posts about the 2016 Presidential Election and post it somewhere at the top of my home page.



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