Burning the GOP to the ground

Trump’s still waging his scorched earth against the GOP.  At some point Republican leaders should catch on that Trump’s a total fraud, and his actions are helping Hillary.   He sets up these media firestorms deliberately, so that the media hunts down Republican leaders, shoves a microphone in their faces, to stage these hostage videos of the GOP held hostage by the “Insurgent”.  The questions the reporters ask are always the same, “Do you support Donald Trump’s position on whatever crazy, vile, and or offensive thing Trump has just spewed?”  And then the next question is “Do you still support Donald Trump?”  These hostage videos are meant to make the Republican leaders look like amoral a-holes like Trump or hypocrites for supporting such an amoral a-hole as Trump.

Trump has been the center of attention since last Saturday when he attacked the Gold Star father, who spoke at the Democratic Convention last week.  Trump attacked the Gold Star mother who did not speak, but just stood beside her husband.  Trump deliberately creates these reality TV dramas to stay the center of attention in the news and after a few days, he claims it was all a big misunderstanding.  A week or so later, Trump always declares the media was lying and he never said that.  Trump is like Hillary, he can lie through and about anything, without batting an eye.  They both have this disconcerting trait of an extreme sociopath, where a reporter can show them a video of them saying something and both of them will look straight at the reporter and say that they never said that.  It takes a special kind of pathological liar to keep lying, even when shown a video proving they said something.

However,  the Republican leaders continue to have their credibility whittled away by these hostage videos.  This is what the “GOP Insurgency” was all about and Trump wants to make sure no Republican leaders, who won’t kiss his butt, are left standing.  His scorched earth continues unabated.

During the past day Trump started alleging that he is sure the election in November will be rigged against him.  Republicans leaders should be worried, because that is Trump preparing to jump ship before November and leave the GOP hanging.   Whether that was his plan all along or it’s an escape route to avoid a crushing defeat, who knows, but Trump will bail,  just like he bailed on the debates when Cruz and Rubio made him look like the imbecilic clown, he is. Trump will not stick around until November if his polls numbers continue to dive and he continues to come under fire from all sides.  His campaign remains a chaotic mess, because Trump is in charge and there is no other calm head or hand to grab the steering wheel from him, to avoid  this train wreck.

If Trump does bail, he will rail about how the Republicans treated him so badly and unfairly….   you can count on that.

This is the most corrupt presidential election in American history.

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