Happy Trails

In light of this Wikileaks email dump and the tizzy about “Russian involvement”, well, imagine the fun once Putin starts dumping some of those dull “yoga schedules and wedding plans” deleted emails he’s sitting on from Queen Hillary’s private email server.  Oh, I suppose we will find out if Bill Clinton really doesn’t use email, lol, among how Hillary’s vast, spidery wholesale brokering of her State Department position, power and access were used to funnel money through the Clinton Foundation for personal enrichment.  The Clinton Foundation should make her cattle futures look like dried up cow chips…   And, the one thing you can count on with Hillary and Bill – they are sloppy operators, who leave a lot of trails and their cover-ups are always excessive, paranoid reactionary schemes to silence everyone they can.  Trust me on that one.

In 2006, my husband and I were driving to New Mexico to visit our son, who was in the Air Force and getting ready to deploy to Iraq.  We wanted to see him before he left.  It was nighttime and we were driving through some town in West TX called Bovina, when my son called and asked where we were.  I told him we were going through Bovina and I told him it’s really foggy, but this fog is brownish and the smell is really horrid.   He said, “Oh, that’s just “shit fog”.”  He told me that’s what people on his Air Force base call it, as that base also was right outside a cow town.  He said these cow towns, where large herds of cattle are brought into town and held in pens, are like that, where the cow crap gets in the air and mixed with the fog.  So, expect before Putin is done leaking, the Clinton Foundation will be engulfed in a massive cloud of  “shit fog”.

Here’s my post from July 5, 2016;

Oh, those “what ifs”

Putin is the one to watch now in this endless thatwitch2016  never-ending soap opera.

Well, now that the President Obama has thrown the full force of  his presidency behind Hillary, trying to rewrite her private email server narrative as just a careless mistake, but NOT criminal, we shall see if her email server really was hacked by hostile countries’ intelligence.

What if Putin starts leaking the most damaging emails, his intelligence services are sitting on, in Western media?

The plot might still have a few unexpected twists and turns in the very near future.

The ball is now in Putin’s court and I wonder if he is going to hold his cards, to use later, or release enough to destroy Hillary politically now?

Keep the popcorn handy, this show isn’t over yet;-)


I feel almost psychic, lol.  Anyway, the same advice holds, keep that popcorn handy, this show is just getting started;-)

Happy Trails, as these electronic trails wind their way back to the ole’ cattle futures queen…


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