Photo practice

Since I’m beginning to get the hang of uploading photos with my cellphone, these are just a few photos I snapped this morning.


This is my willow tree in my backyard.  I thought it was a weeping willow tree when I planted it as a bare root tree, which looked like a stick with a few roots on the end, about 20 years ago.  It’s not a weeping willow tree.  This tree came from the Arbor Day Foundation.   That corner of my backyard was always swampy for weeks after it rained and this willow tree, whatever kind it is, did the trick of keeping that section of the yard drier.


Just a pot of assorted succulents, which were all pieces from other plants that I stuck in this pot to root.  Time to divide some of these too.


A rose bush from my front yard – time to dead head for sure.


The last bloom on my hydrangea in the front yard.  It needs some fungicide to deal with those spots on the leaves.  I’ve been slacking.


My neighbor’s crepe myrtle.  Too bad I didn’t get the hang of this uploading business when the azaleas were blooming during the Spring.


Some cool looking mushrooms that sprouted in my hibiscus flower pot on my front porch about a month ago.  They collapsed and died a day later.


A blah hosta….  ho-hum….


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