Coincidence?  Trump borrowed the Clinton mass media saturation/scorched earth strategy to wage his “GOP Insurgency”, which relied on media elite collusion to give him 24/7 news cycle control for the primary.  CNN and MSNBC  switched back in April to running the Clinton scorched earth to take down Trump, but that left FOX as the all-in for Trump channel.

So, here we are today where the GOP dies and becomes the Party of Trump and oddly enough, FOX News loses it’s American CEO, a former Republican media consultant, and now will be run by Rupert Murdoch, a mega-rich foreigner with no loyalty to America.

One can only wonder that FOX – the “conservative-leaning”, American flag-waving channel loses it’s American CEO on the very same day that the GOP turns over it’s party to a total fraud, NY liberal, who hired first Roger Stone (a crook), then Lewandowski (a thug), and then Manafort (an even bigger crook) to orchestrate his campaign.

On the very same day Trump secures the GOP nomination, the last bastion where he has a 24/7 loyal cheerleading section on cable news also changes leadership.  We’re in July or I might fancifully wonder if the Ides of March are upon the GOP….

The coincidental timing is amazing.

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