A little Roman history

A lecture on Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus by the late J. Rufus Fears, Ph.D. University of Oklahoma

Civic virtue: The willingness of the individual to subordinate himself to the good of the community


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4 responses to “A little Roman history

  1. Gaius Gracchus

    When I first encountered the Gracchi decades ago, I felt they were kindred spirits. They were conservative reformers, who believed in a system that was already too corrupt to maintain freedom. The murders of the Gracchi really serve to show the beginning of the end of the Republic. And much like their era, wealth and empire have corrupted our society and civic virtue is largely a thing of the past. I fear for our future.

    Thanks for posting the video. It was enjoyable.

    • I too fear for our future. Thank you for choosing such a noble nickname, which set me off on the search for a video about the Gracchi. You were my blog post inspiration:-) Wikipedia stated that this professor is deceased, but he lives on at youtube, with a long list of video lectures on famous Romans.

  2. JK

    As you will LB. Oh okay, as you might. Hat tip unnecessary:


    • Thanks JK, I was just working on a blog post to explain why I can’t vote for Trump or Hillary. Got some housewifey things to do, so it might be a little while until I get it posted, lol.

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