Begala rails against “scorched earth”

Sometimes a headline just hits on the truth in ways it was never intended to.  Clinton spinmeister extraordinaire, Paul Begala penned a piece at CNN:

“Donald Trump’s Clinton strategy is for losers”

Begala rails against Donald Trump’s “scorched earth strategy”, which Trump has been using to great effect against Hillary Clinton:

“As Donald Trump launches a series of zombie attacks, digging up long-dead personal accusations and wild conspiracy theories to attack Bill and Hillary Clinton, he might want to take a look at how that strategy has fared in the past.

The politics of personal destruction, which Trump has embraced with gusto, are certain to fail. Republicans used the strategy relentlessly against Bill Clinton. He was accused by right-wing conspiracy mongers of murder, rape, real estate fraud — pretty much everything except complicity in the Kennedy assassination.”

So, to be fair, Trump is most assuredly using a “scorched earth strategy” , but he is using the scorched earth strategy that Carville/Begala introduced to American politics during the Clinton impeachment, not some Republican strategy.   While Begala insists that Trump’s politics of personal destruction will fail, the rest of his article is regurgitation of personal sexual misconduct dirt on an array of Republicans  (character assassinations), in an attempt to dish as much dirt back at Republicans as he can.

Now, if Trump weren’t such an odious, narcissistic, emotionally-unbalanced, compulsive liar, it might be fun watching the Clinton sewer rats scurry trying to keep their bold-faced liar and perennially preachy and pathetic candidate afloat.  Hillary is one of the worst campaigners ever.  It almost looks like a public service to see someone torch Hillary’s broomstick,  if America is saved from having to endure her cackling edicts from the Oval Office.  She talks down to people, her voice grates on the nerves, and her brazen lies show a total disrespect for voters.  In the words of Samantha Power, Obama sycophant:

“She is a monster, too – that is off the record – she is stooping to anything,” Ms Power said, hastily trying to withdraw her remark.

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Despite Trump’s horrid personality, he has a showman’s style and he knows how to work a room.  And the truth is he is even better at the Carville/Begala scorched earth than Carville/Begala.  I am sure that in the beginning, setting Trump up as a dupe sounded like a genius plan to the Clintons and their sleazy operatives, because it assuredly has been Dem operatives driving Trump’s scorched earth/mass media saturation through someone in that Potemkin Trump campaign.  I bet Carville and Begala were rolling on the floor laughing as Trump, using their vicious scorched earth, torched the entire GOP primary field, but now the polls they live by have turned on them and Hillary keeps sinking, while Trump inches higher.  Stone, likely a candidate for sleaziest Republican political operative, bolted last August, when Trump attacked Megyn Kelly with that “bleeding out of her wherever” line.   Lewandowski does not have the experience to orchestrate the Carville/Begala scorched earth/mass media saturation strategy. So, the question still looms – who are the real Trump political operatives driving his scorched earth/mass media saturation strategy???

As Hillary flubs, flounders and her flat-out lies flat line her campaign, now, the Clintons are starting to look like the dupes……. ahh yes, poetic justice.

And despite their penchant for outrageous lies, both Trump and Hillary hit on ground truth about each other.  He dubbed her Crooked Hillary and she shot back that he is a Loose Cannon.

The only thing for certain remains, that with either of these two,  America will be the biggest loser.


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