Trump’s circus train going around the bend?

Guessing, I am like many Americans in regards to this campaign 2016 season and with the world situation too, where the burned out feeling has started to set in.  The media hyping every Bernie/Hillary snipe and the GOP consumed by the Trump circus train, well, after the 5,000th time of Trump doing the same lame shtick and his endless repetition of his “winning” or whines about being treated “unfairly”, no wonder the media buzz trying to create “a big story” has me yawning.

The interesting part of the Trump campaign all along has been how  his campaign really is organized (or disorganized)  internally and who are the real Trump advisers.  That his campaign internally is imploding is obvious.  The reports of disorganization and in-fighting are now seeping out and that Trump never bothered to invest in the state infrastructure to actually carry a national campaign to fruition strikes me as typical Trump – no details, just all bluster.  There’s no “there” there with Trump – he’ s a lot of braggadocio and little substance.   Now, the fascinating public statements by Trump’s loyal friend, former campaign manager, Roger Stone, keep piquing my interest.   Why has Stone been more visible and vocal as a Trump spokesman than Lewandowski?  Why hasn’t Trump disavowed Stone’s comments threatening the GOP party leaders with riots or yesterday, there was a report of Stone threatening to release the hotel room numbers of delegates who switch from Trump supporters to someone else in a contested convention?  Why do Trump’s comments about “there would be riots” sound so much like Stone’s and how often do Stone and Trump talk about the campaign?

Here are some Roger Stone stories to consider:

April 5, 2016 –

April 6, 2016 –

April 7, 2016 –

And from last summer:

August 8, 2015 –

That Trump doesn’t pay attention to details, from eschewing studying policy or preparing for debates to organizing a viable presidential campaign for the long haul delegate battle, seems to be the key takeaway of his entire campaign, –  Trump isn’t about the details, he’s about selling the dream.  So, whereas the Clintons mastered the grueling ground game details decades ago and even Cruz has put together a formidable state delegate operation, the Trump campaign focused on reality TV hype, creating media sensations, and the power of Twitter rants…  Hence, the late, last ditch effort to organize state delegate operations at this late date – the hiring of Paul Manafort, who worked with Roger Stone and Charles R. Black, Jr.  (aligned with the Kasich campaign)  long ago.  One can only wonder how long a man like Manafort,  known for his organizational prowess, can contend with dealing  with Trump, the master twit of sub-par tweeting and his band of definitely not “great” campaign team of misfits, like Lewandowski and Pierson,  and oh, dare I say, the word, “losers”.

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