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Trump is unfit to command the military: Column

Rachel E. VanLandingham and Geoffrey S. Corn 3:53 p.m. EST March 3, 2016

The GOP front-runner’s intent to order war crimes would pit the president against his troops.

It’s not unusual for presidential candidates to say things on the stump that they really don’t mean. But Americans should reject any candidate who proudly espouses his commitment to lead the American military into the underworld of war crimes. This nation simply cannot condone a presidential candidate who makes war crimes a central plank in his national security platform. Instead of making “America great again,” such policies would destabilize the foundations of our professional military while pitting military leaders against their commander in chief. The military cannot ignore these risks, and American voters must not either.

Rachel E. VanLandingham, a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel and judge advocate, is an associate law professor at Southwestern Law School and vice president of theNational Institute of Military Justice. Geoffrey S. Corn, a retired Army lieutenant colonel and formerly the Army’s top law of war adviser, is a law professor at South Texas College of Law.


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3 responses to “Another editorial

  1. Robert

    The piece as written is true. However, our current CinC is releasing enemy combatants back to the war to face American forces under the command of this CinC. He is reinforcing our enemy. I await a paper on this.

    • There’s almost a mutiny brewing in the military and retired officers and military experts trying to thwart Obama. Another lawless president, which is what Trump or Hillary assuredly would be and that would be a yuge disaster. Hillary and Trump are both unfit to be commander in chief.

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