The biggest losers

Here’s why I believe the media deliberately went in the tank promoting Trump.  An article from Reuters approaches the issue as if the media is just now realizing how much money they lost by giving Trump so much free air time, but the truth is they went with Trump to boost their ratings, make money, and to aid and abet Trump’s rise – they knew exactly what they were doing, aiding in Trump’s war against the GOP establishment and facilitating Trump’s fracturing the GOP.

Sanders too, according to the media’s “year of the insurgent candidate,”  was an insurgent candidate, but the media did NOT devote endless hours to Sanders, to ramble on and repeat buzz words, hollow phrases and most of all repeat that “winning in every poll” Trumpathon.  The heads of media outlets are well-versed in how the mass media saturation and repetition of phrases creates a manufactured opinion cascade.  They know how this propaganda technique works too!  They choose when to aid and abet politicians, who choose to engage in the swarming strategy.  So, just as they aided the Clinton machine to survive impeachment, they knowingly and willingly, were a part of the Trump political propaganda campaign too – with an obvious end in mind.

These cable news networks set up this left vs right agitprop from the beginning of cable news – to foment deep partisan divides in America – it started with CNN, but the other 24 hour cable news networks joined right in.  It’s the endless supposed neutral moderator refereeing , the GOP spokesperson on one side and a Dem spokesperson on the other, as the sparks fly.  The GOP has never benefited from these exchanges, only the Democrats, who engage in spinning – they repeat the same messages over and over, diffusing anyone who speaks in complete sentences or offers more than repeated hollow messages – because that spin blocks out real discourse  – it’s a swarming strategy that blocks out one side.  The louder, relentlessly repeated messages are what the masses remember and it moves poll numbers. Then those poll numbers become as much a part of the story as the issue, as they are endlessly reinforced by the media to declare, who is the winner on that issue (winning in the polls).  In Trump’s case, they’ve been repeating “Trump is winning, so doesn’t the GOP have to back their own front-runner?”

Here’s a portion of the Reuters article:


“Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has upended the presidential primaries this year by relying heavily on free air time and Twitter at the expense of local-ad buying, throwing into question estimates that the November presidential election could translate into $6 billion spent on TV advertising.

Now, with no Trump TV ads scheduled going into the 11-state Super Tuesday primaries, some investors and analysts are growing increasingly concerned that Trump could continue with an advertising-light strategy built on bruising debate performances and large rallies – often shown on cable TV – even if he wins the Republican Party nomination.

“For the broadcast industry, which has pinned its 2016 on local TV ad spend, you have to believe that someone who is pretty amazing at leveraging the power of social media would be a real problem for television,” said media analyst Rich Greenfield with New York-based equity firm BTIG Research. “I think Trump elevates that to a whole new level.”

So far, some $10-million has been spent on advertising for Donald Trump, compared with $32 million for Hillary Clinton, $49 million for Marco Rubio, and almost $85 million for Jeb Bush, according to data from Ad Age. Bush dropped out of the Republican contest earlier this month after trailing badly.”

Perhaps the biggest con artist is not Donald Trump; it’s the mass media in America and their endless agitprop script, where they win big and the American people are the biggest losers.


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7 responses to “The biggest losers

  1. Kinnison

    If the GOP elites had paid attention to their Base for the last couple of decades instead of pandering to their fat-cat corporate donors there would be no Donald Trump in the race. Republicans—and those who long ago got disgusted with “business as usual” inside the Beltway and opted out of the GOP—became sick and tired of being lied to and taken for granted. The indicators were there. Romney got 4.5 million fewer votes than did John McCain. Given a choice between yet another RNC-engineered RINO and reelecting Barak Obama, voters simply stayed home. This time, given someone who could run without money from the RNC, they are supporting and voting for a populist blowhard they don’t even like just to stick their collective finger in the eye of the Republican Establishment. The GOP is as dead as the Whigs but hasn’t fallen over yet.

    • Don’t disagree with anything you’ve said Kinnison, but the catch is Donald Trump was given a multi-million dollar helping hand by the mass media, to take down one political party. Whether that party is deserving or not of scorn by its base voters is a separate issue entirely. I’m referring to their helping make the news, rather than reporting it.

      The same argument could be made that the Democratic Party has callously preyed on minorities and implemented government programs to keep them locked into an endless morass of poverty and despair, but does that justify mass media collusion with aiding the overthrow of one political party in America? And frankly this same media collusion is why we have the corrupt Hillary Clinton poised to be the Democratic Party nominee. If the mass media hadn’t aided and abetted the Clinton spin machine, the Clintons would long ago have exited the national stage in disgrace.

      • Kinnison

        Yeah, we’re doomed. This great Republic is headed for the ash bin of History. I figured that out a couple of years ago. Kruschev was right. If the Hildebeast wins the White House it is all over but the shouting. But I’m STILL not voting for any Republican without rock-solid conservative principles, and damn the consequences. Bring it… Color me a Winter Soldier.

      • I most definitely can’t bring myself to vote for Hillary or Trump, because I’m convinced they are both extreme sociopaths, one has proven herself unfit to lead our armed forces by her callous disregard for people on the frontlines defending America (Benghazi and her disregard for proper handling of classified info) and the other one is a total loose cannon – targeting ISIS family members and other war crimes are just being “tough” in his book. They are both very much people who believe rules are for other people, not them, due to their “greatness”….

  2. JK

    What LB says in her second paragraph.

    And, oddly enough, there’s a comment on a site I might’ve made had I got there earlier;

    “Trump gets support of Farrakhan, and David Duke! Who’d of thought it! Trump is absolutely a uniter.”

  3. JK

    “Whether that party is deserving or not of scorn by its base voters is a separate issue entirely.

    I’m referring to their helping make the news, rather than reporting it.”

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