Black helicopters or thatwitch2016 circling?

Time for another LB conspiracy theory re-run on Trump, the media Svengali, who can singlehandedly, through his unparalleled media savvy and brilliance, push the Overton window and lead the media and GOPe elites by the nose.  It’s all a contrived set-up and a bunch of bunkum.

A good chunk of Trump’s followers were fans from watching his reality TV show, which he augmented by attracting the most virulent racists and bottom-feeders, the low-information voters and that portion of the GOP most angry about GOP establishment duplicity, through the brilliant use of a slick leftist propaganda technique – mass media saturation and manufacturing an opinion cascade via endless repetition of buzz words, key phrases, but most of all the “winning in every poll” mantra. That got him to the 20-30% range of the GOP base that he hung at for months.

Rather than him owning the media, it looks to me, that the media colluded to create these endless Trump mini-dramas, which allow him to get the free air time in the news cycles. The media and punditry, who control the Overton window put a great deal of effort into promoting Trump, because frankly, the media overwhelmingly wants a Hillary in the White House and the corollary is this “insurgent campaign” narrative creates an endless agitprop script, which easily boosts ratings and makes them money. It’s a win/win for the mainstream media to promote Trump now.

I am sticking to my own conspiracy theory based on watching the Clinton political machine operate since the 1990s and personally knowing how far they will go to win. My Messages of mhere story tabbed on my home page, while written in a snarky, light, third person manner, replete with cutesy names like thatwitch2016 (pseudonyms) is the truth – it did happen during the Clinton Impeachment saga.  And this same propaganda technique was used by the Clinton machine then too and I wrote about it extensively on the Excite message boards during the Clinton impeachment scandal.

I do believe that Bill Clinton called Trump when he heard rumors about Trump  seriously considering entering the race last Spring. I believe Bill Clinton offered Trump some friendly advice, about how hard a Presidential run is and how hiring the best political operatives is crucial. I believe Bill Clinton gave Trump some names of “the best ones” – dem ones.

Trump had his good friend, Roger Stone, a true sleaze, as the face of his campaign, but in August when Trump went after Megyn Kelly – Stone says he quit, but the Trump campaign said he was fired, yet the Trumpathon moved ahead without even a hiccup. The public faces in the Trump campaign are a facade and hardly “the best” – he didn’t even have a campaign spokesperson until November, but all through this the hype in the press, the meme of “Trump the Insurgent” continued and the media saturation, but most of all Trump came loaded down with the dirt to sling, at the perfect moments, doing the Carville, throw as much dirt as you can and hope it sticks better than Carville himself.  Trump’s genius for controlling the media is the media giving Trump incredible amounts of free air time and helping spread the memes about Trump being a media genius, leading in every poll, connecting with ordinary people, and aiding and abetting Trump’s popularity in every way they can.  On Saturday on Fox news, they went live to a Rubio campaign rally for about 5 minutes, yet they followed that with an hour or more of Trump’s entire rally.  And this has been the trend on all three cable news networks all along….  while Hillary has carefully been reinvented on late night, very friendly, venues.

I believe that Trump, rather than being some media-controlling Svengali, really has been the ultimate dupe of Bill Clinton all along and at the appropriate time – Trump will be demolished as the media turns on him (the Clinton machine moves in for the kill).  I think the turn came a little earlier, because the Clinton sewer rats live on polling data and Trump started gaining in parts of the electorate that aren’t traditional GOP voters – hence this past weekend turned into Trump the racist/fascist meme, which will replace “Trump the Insurgent”.  Do I think Trump is colluding with Clinton – no way.  Trump believes when you hire people, they work for you.

I believe the Clinton machine has manufactured the GOP Insurgent and Trump was set-up. The amount of free air time given to Trump aided Hillary the most – it’s allowed her the time to recast herself as the inevitable Dem candidate and it’s back-burnered her email server scandal. The Clintons already cut the deals with Obama, otherwise Biden would have jumped in and she would be on her way out, not poised to sedately march to her coronation. Trump keeps saying more and more outrageous stuff  to keep the attention on him, like last weekend’s clinging to a Mussolini quote and hesitating about denouncing white supremacists…  Bernie remains lost in a 60s Marxist haze.  The Clintons aren’t going to lose this time. Since last Fall, I’ve seen Bill Clinton’s perfect triangulation strategy lining up – extreme kooks on the left and right and Hillary regained her stride, she’s talking about “love and kindness” and controlling the middle.

Black helicopters or  thatwitch2016 circling – well, all I can say is this isn’t 1998 anymore, I don’t wear ruby slippers, they can’t shut up everyone now and “Surrender Dorothy” has never been part of my personality.  Somehow, with all the electronic fingerprints we all leave and the sloppy data security protocols practiced by the Clintons – the veracity of my “crazy conspiracy theory” should be easy to prove now.  What happened to me in 1998 and the records of those Excite message board postings, well, I suspect the only ones who might have those saved are the Chinese, who do maintain excellent security protocols and records.  Stay tuned.



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