Who are the real Trump political advisers?

The Pope jumped into the American political race yesterday, so while the Vatican is trying to clarify the Pope’s comment about Trump’s always talking about building a wall, as not being Christian, and offering the building bridges between people as the proper Christian way, lest we get sidetracked, some things struck me as odd, that go well beyond the Pope’s statement and timing to interject himself into US politics.

First, the Pope gave Trump more oxygen to get back to his original appeal, from which he has drifted considerably in recent months – that America’s national security is threatened by uncontrolled borders and illegal immigration.  A “wall” and or whatever means are necessary to secure our borders is a primary duty of our federal government, one both political parties have abdicated for decades.

Second, the Pope allowed for Trump to monopolize the media coverage and news cycle heading into a critical GOP primary in South Carolina, on Saturday.

Who knows why the Pope gave Trump more attention, when a Trump loss in SC could speed up a Trump demise, which assuredly the Pope would welcome, as one who obviously aligns with leftist South American social justice politics.

As to Trump’s response, one thing struck me as very odd.  For once Trump came out and appeared to be reading prepared remarks and seemed at great pains to keep his emotions in check.  I wondered who wrote those remarks for him, because the remarks seemed very tempered compared to Trump’s usual rants and rambling spiels.  I’d love to know who Trump’s closest political advisers really are?  They aren’t his campaign manager or his snotty campaign spokeswoman, that’s for sure.  Once again, who are the real Trump political advisers?

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