Pretty lame propaganda gambits *yawn*

Hostile foreign infiltration in the Pentagon (and the Obama Administration):

Totally faked!!!  The above video was released yesterday.  The objective is to make America’s military look weak.

Today in the news Iran (Death to America, remember?) releases this video:

You, the American people are being played by hostile foreign intelligence propagandists, but they have legions of aiders and abettors in the Washington power structure, many whose parents, grandparents, even great-grandparents came to America as foreign agents (many Soviet) and stayed.  They also have deep tentacles in our mass media structure too, to include far-right venues, not just in academia or Hollywood, as so many on the right believe.  From the beginning, they melded with organized crime elements here.  Thus, their progeny now wield a spidery web, no longer retaining those close ideological ties with their home countries, but instead operate on the nepotism model, that one GOP candidate kept referring to as, America is sick of the “permanent political class in Washington”.  Just keep in mind, many of that class still engage in slimy information sharing with hostile nations.

Some hold top political positions in the US, but are kept in line by ruthless blackmail, as these hostile intelligence agencies, keep files a long, long time.  So, if they possess damning video or photos of, let’s say, for instance, some behavior in Vietnam, that might damage a war hero’s reputation, they might put the screws to these politicians to keep them in line.  One might look into the Elizabeth O’Bagy still sitting on John McCain’s staff and both John Kerry and John McCain relying on her Syrian expertise over the expertise of US intelligence analysts and ponder if there’s some other reason to explain why an outed liar is still on the government payroll, other than that she’s young and perky in a Monica Lewinskyesque manner?  Alas, she helped McCain and Kerry sell the “moderate Syrian myth” to the detriment of US foreign policy for a long time.  And ponder also that in her bio at her ISW paper on Syria she stated, “female militancy” as her thesis topic (alas, I can’t link to it as I am getting  “access denied” to that ISW link at the moment, but the guys helping me have kept meticulous records on everything).  I still want to know who she is and where she came from?

Please, keep in mind, that while they fed the partisan political divides tearing America apart, they’re doing it to consolidate their own power.

My post describing how the Soviets used women to latch onto top leaders in both the officer and NCO ranks, well they engaged in the same ploys in Washington and especially with the President.  I think for every major presidential scandal since 1980, these two forces mentioned above, hostile foreign countries and this web of their agents’ progeny and organized crime here have  created all these agitprop scenarios to fuel the partisan divide, with the goal as ultimately to destroy us from within.

Grab your popcorn and start using my profiling method – look for first family connections, then ethnic and religious affiliations and lastly consider political affiliations and you will quickly see the hostile foreign forces at play.  So, if say Christiane Amanpour is Iranian and engaged in serious agitprop to get America involved in Bosnia – I believe she is likely an Iranian agent.  Amanpour married a key Clinton aide, furthering her reach into the Clinton administration.  Despite Bill Clinton being a pig with women, if Monica Lewinsky is Jewish, that would leave a huge question mark in my mind that he was set-up, by another foreign intelligence agency, perhaps Israeli.  This is just how it works in the real world.  Drudge, where did he come from and who funded him in the beginning, who is his family, and his background?

Every US president has been aggressively targeted since the Soviet Union came into being, then later communist China, Iran, and the MB/Wahabbi/Saudis entered the game too.  And all the other countries, both friends and foes,  are involved in this intelligence game too, but the alliance of Russia, China, Iran and the Sunni group have colluded to take us down.  With the complete collapse of American foreign policy under Obama, even America’s allies have had to recalibrate their own security equations, with many of our closest allies turning to Putin, as the rational actor, world leader, especially in the Mid-East, instead of relying on the United States. It might help if you start avoiding going down that rabid, domestic, partisan-political rabbit hole, that they use to trick us into this endless partisan political in-fighting, and stick mostly to the family connections, then ethnic and religious connections – the picture becomes much clearer that way.  I don’t care if people want to write me off as a conspiracy nut – I intend to expose what happened to me during impeachment and stand up for The Constitution, no matter what!

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