Trump’s “best” people

Here’s an article by Ed Straker expounding on Donald Trump’s “great” campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski:

“Why would Trump pick someone with little campaign experience, and zero successful campaign experience, as his campaign manager?  That sounds like a terribly unqualified selection.

And why would Trump select someone who’s primary background is a lobbyist?  Perhaps Trump is comfortable with a man, like himself, who gave donations to politicians in order to curry favor. But as a result, Trump ran a terrible ground game in Iowa.  In fact, he recently said that he didn’t even know what a “ground game” is until after the Iowa caucuses!

In revealing remarks, Mr. Trump publicly questioned his campaign’s efforts in Iowa, where he was out-hustled by the data-driven Cruz campaign. He blamed his team for not spending more money, and even said that he had not known what a ground game was before Iowa.”

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The fraud continues, but stay tuned.


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2 responses to “Trump’s “best” people

  1. Robert

    The fraud continues….indeed. Somehow I get the impression this entire election cycle is a fraud. The Trump fandango speaks for itself, K street is nearly wetting itself hoping for a dependable investment…R or D, doesn’t matter. There are two elderly totalitarian socialists acting like they are even respectable while competing for the head of America’s oldest political party. All of this furor just to rent the over sized Public Housing unit at 1600 Pa. Avenue. Beam me up!

    • So true Robert, but it may go way beyond mere fraud – we shall see. I am digging through my memory banks of foreign (Soviet/Russian, Chinese, Shia/Sunni, etc.) US infiltration operations and strategies over the last 50 years and pondering some other potentialities about the entire presidential field. Not saying for sure, but the situation may be even worse than any of us ever imagined. Let’s hope I am wrong.

      Reading about how other countries run their intelligence operations was an interest of mine, that I pursued when my kids were little and my husband was always away training in the Army. I used to scour the Army post libraries for interesting titles and read after my kids went to bed. Never thought that information might be useful.

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