Committing crimes isn’t “great”

Oh, today I felt like doing some predictions on what to expect very soon from the corrupt Clinton political machine and corrupt Obama administration.

I predict that the news story recently about Ash Carter considering a demotion of General David Petraeus served a two-fold purpose.  First, I believe it was meant as a shot across the bow, to warn other top brass to shut up and tow the line on wholesale corruption from a criminal enterprise, run by both the Clinton machine and the Obama administration.  I believe the other purpose was to put the screws to General Petraeus, to coerce him to fall in line with some soon to break story on their wholesale public corruption.  I believe the “greatest general of his generation” will be used to lead the mass media  propaganda pièce de résistance, of an all-star cast of retired generals, to launch a character assassination of me.  This is my prediction.  A few of the generals to include Petraeus are criminals – yes, a person who pleads guilty to serious crimes is a criminal.  The chief officer of an intelligence agency who engages in an extramarital affair is setting himself up to be blackmailed.  Despite the dumbing down of society and the inability of vast numbers of people to use common sense, some things don’t change and the truth is “character” and “personal integrity” aren’t just for when you show up for work, especially when your work involved handling our nation’s most sensitive intelligence information.  General Petraeus, despite the sycophantic press and punditry, demonstrated that he is untrustworthy, by the reckless disregard he showed in handling our nation’s secrets, – that is the truth, when you wash away the hype about his “greatness”:

The affair brought down the retired four-star general who led U.S. strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan. Petraeus resigned from his role as director of the CIA in 2012 after it was revealed that he shared with Broadwell eight “black books” that he had compiled in Afghanistan and improperly kept after retiring from the Army.

The binders reportedly contained secret codes and covert identities, as well as overall strategy discussions and security reports. Broadwell kept the books for at least four days in 2011, according to prosecutors. They were seized by the FBI during a 2013 raid on Petraeus’ home. Court documents also show that Petraeus lied about keeping the sensitive information and about giving it to Broadwell, according to the Observer. Broadwell has not been charged with any crimes.

Now, keep in mind that usually when a plea deal is cut, some more serious charges get negotiated to lesser charges or dropped, to secure the plea deal.  Often in high-profile cases the government opts to accept the plea to wash the news story off of the front page, to make it go away.  That Congress still invited a criminal, who admitted to committing serious crimes, which recklessly endangered US national security (yes, it wasn’t small fries here),  back to Congress, to testify and fawn over him as if he really is the greatest general of his generation, exemplifies the problem in America.  His credibility and reputation should reflect that he disgraced his public office – but even on the political right, moral relativism clouds clear thinking.

So, when I mentioned my situation with a retired general attacking me in my home in 1998, during the Clinton impeachment, that general too is still hitting the airwaves being fawned over as a war hero.  He was forced to retire for bad conduct while assigned in a sensitive overseas position.  Bad conduct and admission of committing crimes should tarnish the public shine of top brass, but not in America.  Press reports, prior to his forced retirement,reported  Bill Clinton flying to that overseas area to meet him and the two seemed to really chum it up. And after impeachment this same disgraced general was hand-picked by President Clinton for a sensitive, high-profile overseas position, in the same region where his original bad conduct occurred.  The scuttlebutt was that this general got a foreign reporter pregnant – that’s just rumor, but that was the story that my husband, still a sergeant major on active duty, had heard.

Then during impeachment, I believe the Clinton sewer rats started digging into who I am, because I exposed their propaganda technique and LIES in clear, coherent language that was cutting through their spin.   So, let’s review here for a second, Hillary Clinton, not only ran an illegal  private email server from her home, she also ran an illegal private intelligence-gathering operation with Sid Blumenthal and Tyler Drumheller.  So, is it really that impossible to imagine Hillary Clinton conjuring up some “dangerous right-wing nut stalking her on the internet lie” to convince this general to lead an illegal ad hoc military operation on American soil, especially when that general hates my guts?  My personal letters caused him a great deal of embarrassment and he already hated me because of the lies his wife had fed him during Desert Storm.

I believe this time around, they will dupe a couple other generals into joining in with my character assassination.  And they will get my kids and people, close to those helping me gather proof, aid in assassinating their characters too. Just remember when this breaks, as I feel sure it will, soon – look at who is speaking the TRUTH and defending The Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.  Compare my team, to those who speak out to discredit and disparage our integrity, then ask yourself if they are foreign agents or dupes (those close to us, who were fed lies and turned).  Be alert for buzz words fed to them – manifesto, plotting, etc. along with the sexual innuendo about my emails.  Everything will be revealed in time, that I promise you.  My psychic powers predict this time it will be a public execution, so to speak, because I am not backing down from them. and I do have a comprehensive strategy;-)   So, when you see her team of retired generals take to the airwaves, please remember that you read it here first.


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5 responses to “Committing crimes isn’t “great”

  1. Robert

    I wish there was something I could do to help you.

    • Trust me, I feel sure the FBI will not be bought. And then we shall see. I am safe – have some men, who are not crooks or bought, helping me. In 98, they were manipulating my husband – trying to urge him to sign off on sending me to a state mental hospital. I’ve had some trustworthy help investigating this since 2009. One is a retired JAG general and state judge. Another is a state judge from another state. They will turn people close to them, get wives, or close work collegues,to go public and act like I was having a sexual email relationship with them. They may contact you and try to turn you. I suspect one frequent poster on my blog turned, but that is just my suspicion, as I had given him a great deal of information about my situation via email. They dig through everything in people’s background to find something to coerce or trick people. Big money going into silencing me. I feel sure something will break soon.

  2. A while back, I sent a unit roster from Desert Storm to someone who reads my blog, he can watch and decide for himself as he sees the people who are paraded around to discredit me. I have had several wives from the Desert Storm era, friend me on facebook – out of the blue in the past year, recently a girl, who was a neighbor during Desert Storm friended me. All grown-up, this girl is now a NCO in the US Army, she was in my Brownie Troop with my oldest daughter. Her mother worked for the queenoftherock’s FAC (family assistance center). I have been sitting back and watching this. A close friend of mine during Desert Storm, called me after not being in contact since 1992 – her husband was one of my husband’s platoon sergeants and he is a sheriff in a small town in the Mid-West now. I have already been labelled a nut since that 1998 episode – kind of hard to break that label, when they troll through my life and trick people into betraying me and my husband. I am just a homemaker and it took me a few years to put together a team of men, whom I can trust, that was after a decade of trying to find someone to tell about this. It started with my attorney – a retired JAG general,who is also a state judge. In 2009 my husband had been given medication that made him nutso and he filed for a divorce – that is when I met my attorney. I was so scared when I found out he was a general, that I wrote pages and pages of details about the impeachment mess, to try and convince him I am not a terrorist, I was that scared he might have some connection to americanrommel. It took a long time for him to believe me. I have been very careful – but then I gave a lot of information to a frequent poster here, whose stock in trade is his being in that business and that may prove to have been a mistake.

    Another poster here is friends with the other state judge and also the pottsville pundit mentioned in my Message of mhere story – we shall see where he falls in this – trusting those big stars, I suspect. Good thing that studying military strategy and intelligence operations from all over the world was a hobby when my kids were little,lol – at least I have a clue how the game is played…

    And my husband has hydrocephalus and can’t defend himself – so when they start throwing the shit about him, instead of on him this time- I will not ever let them get near him! Before he was my husband, he was my brother in arms and I will never willingly hand him over to the enemy!

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