Palin-Trump fan club flashback

So, the big news tonight: Sarah Palin is endorsing Donald Trump.  Unfortunately, the GOP has a reality TV campaign on its hands and who better than TV reality stars,  Palin and her daughter, in Trump fashion,  fluttered to Twitter today to bash Ted Cruz.   Tonight, Sarah Palin showed up in Iowa to announce her endorsement.  She just finished a disjointed, rambling speech at a Trump rally.

Palin’s endorsement should not come as a surprise, as their mutual adoration fan club goes back a ways, so for a flashback here’s Palin’s interview of Trump, back in August on OAN.  Please note their mutual whinefest over those mean mainstream media folks, who dared to ask such unfair gotcha questions (Palin was asked where she gets her news and Trump was asked what his favorite Bible verse is – just so unfair ) :

For a LB dissection of Trump’s populist appeal, please refer back to: “He never means anything serious till he talks about justice and right”


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7 responses to “Palin-Trump fan club flashback

  1. Robert

    Well, with this endorsement I guess the mummers parade goes on.

  2. Robert

    I saw this yesterday at Maverick Philosopher..
    It fits with the linked to part of your previous post LB

  3. JK

    I (perhaps boldly, or on the other hand, totally idiotically)

    Predict as an “either/or”

    Palin’s endorsement guarantees or dooms the prospects for a President The Donald Administration.


    We’ll know what’s in store by the SEC Primary’s result.

    • JK and Robert, Mass media propaganda techniques propelled Trump to this point. Someone(s) way more savvy than Trump guided him to creating this opinion cascade, where by constant repetition of his “leading in the polls” mantra and media saturation, what a few months ago seemed highly improbable, now seems inevitable.

      The push will now move to casting those not on board as way out of touch or angry haters, or unpatriotic, . Who devised this campaign strategy, I don’t know – I still suspect Clinton sewer rats scurrying behind Trump. Last night’s timing of the Palin endorsement buried the most damaging Hillary email story to date. So, today instead of the talk coalescing around Hillary’s scandal , the Palin endorsement and her reality TV family drama, with her son’s arrest, will suck all the oxygen out of the Hillary story.

      We now have America’s first reality TV campaign and who better than Trump and Palin to forge this path.

      Behold America’s first “pet rock candidate”… I had a post about Stella Morobito’s article on creating an opinion cascade, where she used the pet rock example, well the Trump campaign serves as the perfect political example. As she noted, all the best political operators, who deal in this type of mass media manipulation are on the political left. Call me a wild, conspiracy nut, but I still smell Clinton sewer rats in the Trump camp, hiding in dark corners, where they’re most at home scurrying about. Sorry, this smacks so strongly of mass media propaganda professionals shaping (manipulating) political opinion that I remain highly skeptical it’s Trump’s great appeal…

  4. JK

    Actually LB, I’m pretty much convinced what’s going on is a deployment of ship’s ordnance M4A2 [ORDNANCE PAMPHLET 1042 : 10 November 1944] so yeah actually – I agree with you more than I disagree.


    As yet there’s been no change I’m aware of for a procedural change in our [US] actual casting of votes process ie; the secret ballot.

    Remember that Cantor guy used to be the Congress-Critter of Virginia?

    He was “inevitable” too – until he wasn’t.

    The vaunted Clinton Machine despite its best efforts … once the curtain is drawn closed by the individual voter and it’s “nut-cutting time” …

    The Iowa Caucuses, the New Hampshire Foofaraw, and then the South Carolina Shindig behind us and it comes to all these states – Georgia, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, Oklahoma, Vermont and Massachusetts (with Alaska, Colorado, Minnesota and Wyoming holding caucuses) all participating in what might be characterized as “The Goldarnedest Hootenanny since The Tower of Babble’s” …

    I guess we’ll see.

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