Bully or victim, that is the question…

Oh yes, the Queen of cutthroat politics played the female victim card again.  Sniff, deep sigh, oh my, she tugged at the heartstrings with her fake crocodile tears and choked up words on treating each other with kindness.  My advice to Hillary is practice what you preach, sister!   Hint to gullible Americans:  This woman will not only LIE, she’ll  kick, shove, trample on The Constitution, and cry a river of  tears, if she thinks it will get her back into the White House!  Perhaps, there’s a limit to how far she will go, like maybe she won’t order a hit on someone who gets in her way, but this homemaker/amateur blogger wouldn’t place a bet on that one….

My, my it all depends on what is, is.

Is she a victim of some vast, right-wing conspiracy or she is a paranoid loon who abused her husband’s power as President, to investigate and attack a private American citizen?

Is she the bully or the victim?

Is she batshit crazy or am I?

Is my story impossible or is it the TRUTH?

Well, just keep your dictionaries handy, as the redefinition of America continues….  Definitely, we must stand up to bullies, I  agree 100% Hillary!





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