Some good reads

Sorry don’t have time for a thoughtful blog post, but I’ve read a few interesting pieces that I would like to throw up the links to share them.

Here are two excellent foreign policy analyses by G. Murphy Donovan:

Perfidious Turkey

ISIS and Obama

John Derbyshire dissects PC culture:

After San Bernardino: Hatefacts And Stupidfacts—We Let Muslim Immigration Increase AND Let Pakistan Get The Bomb.

Andrew McCarthy at National Review dismantled the Obama administration flimsy rationale for not looking at social media content of prospective immigrants:

Tashfeen Malik’s Jihadist Social-Media Posts Were Deliberately Ignored by the Feds

And last, an interesting piece Malcolm Pollack posted on his waka, waka, waka blog, which brought back memories of the Cold War era analyzing photos and broadcasts of Soviet leaders.  This article looks at how Putin and several Russian leaders walk:

It Don’t Mean A Thing?


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4 responses to “Some good reads

  1. JK

    G. Murphy’s ending question, “The only question left about the ongoing Brussels/Ankara unholy liaison is who is using whom?” triggered a couple of my memory neurons.

    Says Pot to Kettle:

  2. JK

    Which further begs me to question whether Turkey in the near future would consider any further overflights such a *hot idea* – my guess being probably not.

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