What he should have said

Here’s what President Obama should have said on Sunday night.  Sen. Ben Sasse from Nebraska articulates who we’re fighting and what we are fighting for. (H/T Truth Revolt.org)


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6 responses to “What he should have said

  1. Minta Marie Morze

    Liberty, I can’t put into words how glad I am to have listened to that!

    Thank you!

  2. Minta, And he’s only a freshman Senator:-)

  3. Robert, Minta and I are impressed with many of these young GOP mavericks. I admire Tom Cotton a great deal too and although I don’t know much about Ben Sasse, other than reading a quick bio, a speech like this would have served the President of the United States well after San Bernadino, but instead we go the typical Obama far-left lunacy.

    While the Tea Party brewed some bitter concoctions, it also brought many vibrant young conservatives to the GOP. The GOP does seem intent on tossing most of them overboard though… unfortunately.

    • Robert

      LB, first I apologize for the ? mark above. I have just downloaded Windows 10 and am having to resign all my blog names and passwords. Some of them I didn’t remember.

      There is truly a deep bench on the R side, but the well entrenched old guard will not go easy. The media always talks about civil war in the GOP. Well, maybe it’s time. A blabbermouth demagogue like Trump can make that happen. On the conservative side, we know who and what our enemies are, but before they can be confronted effectively, we have to shake out our make believe allies. Some of these establishment Rs who helped do in the TEA Party…I don’t want them behind me in a fight. I don’t want them even beside me. I want them either gone or at least out in front of me so I can see them.

      • Amen to that Robert! Sure, there were a few wacky Tea Party candidates, but take Ted Cruz, for example – the GOP old guard does more to destroy him than the Dems do.

        Good luck with Windows 10 – I had a lot of issues and still keep running into hiccups. I had to have my son, who is a software engineer get my Mozilla browser working with 10, because I couldn’t get it to work. I am fond of Firefox and besides that I had a bazillion bookmarks that I had not yet saved to my Diigo account. I believed my bookmarks were lost forever, but my son recovered my bookmarks too. The bad part is there isn’t a Diigo toolbar button to download for Windows 10 yet, so saving links to Diigo is difficult. My other big complaint is I love Pinterest and had a Pinterest “Pin It” button on my tool bar to pin items of interest to my Pinterest boards. Alas, Pinterest doesn’t have a button for 10 either. Very frustrating!

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