Known Wolves Involved

Patrick Poole at PJ Media once again gets right to the heart of the problem with this latest ISIS attack in Paris – it was another intelligence failure:

“One Paris Attacker Was Previously Known to French Authorities, Marks Fifth ‘Known Wolf’ Attack in France This Year ***UPDATED***”

Poole updated his story to include new information that the 3 suspects arrested in Belgium in connection to last night’s attacks were known to French intelligence. According to Poole, this attack brings the total of attacks in France by known wolves to 5:

This would make the fifth “known wolf” attack in France this year:
•The Kouachi brothers, one of whom had already served a prison sentence on terror charges, who attacked Charlie Hebdo in January
•A man who had been deported back to France from Turkey and who stabbed three police officers in front of a Jewish synagogue in February
•An Algerian computer student who prematurely shot himself prior to launching attacks on Parisian churches in April
•An attack in June on an American-based company by a former employee who beheaded his former boss and had been known for his Islamic radicalism since 2006


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3 responses to “Known Wolves Involved

  1. Robert

    After “Charlie Hebdo” last January, France said “never again”. I predict a change in government there soon.

    • Well, Hollande came out and railed that this means “war”. Of course the Jihadists actions demonstrate one kind of “war”, but it’s doubtful Hollande meant “war” (as in annihilate the enemy).

      It’s always a semantical argument with Leftists. They’ll light more candles and toss more teddy bears around the scene of the carnage. Millions of others will change their facebook photos to the color of the French flag to show “their support” for the French people. Few would support actually doing what’s necessary to destroy ISIS and the global jihad.

      Ben Rhodes is out arguing that Obama meant “contained” as in geographically, but if they can attack on another continent, one might reasonably believe they’re “not contained”. I keep my dictionary handy with these folks……. It is what it IS with them, but to ordinary people not immersed in leftist political ideology, one might reasonably argue they’re delusional fools.

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