Dead wrong… again!

President Obama discussed the threat of ISIS just yesterday morning in an interview with George Stephanopoulos. The takeaways, in his unparalleled counterfactual style, that jump out are he once again underestimates the threat and he proffers statements that within hours were proven demonstrably not only misguided, but dangerously dead wrong. The president insists ISIS is contained, in large part because of his insufficient, tepid military action in Iraq or perhaps his daring offensive move to send 50 Special Forces operators into Syria, which turned the tide, where he can claim that JV ISIS team is contained. Leonidas had 300 Spartans, but Obama, the military genius, only needs …….50.

Then the attack on Paris happened and once again the entire world sees that the JV team actually resides in the White House. Sadly, for the American people, we have not only a fool for a “leader”, we have a fearless leader from behind, whose cowardly hiding behind pathetic “narratives” (LIES), puts every one of us at risk. Yes, I believe his actions (and inactions) make him a grave national security threat.

Don’t expect him to admit he was wrong. No, no, no, he insists he has the best minds from the military working on his strategy and his team of advisors have been presenting ideas on how to fight ISIS.  So, be prepared for him to throw them under the bus, despite the steady drumbeat of leaks from the Pentagon, relating how he does not follow any of their advice.

Here’s the ABC interview, so you can decide for yourself if he understands the threat.

To compound the problem, President Obama has escalated the refugee resettlement for tens of thousands of Syrian refugees.


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2 responses to “Dead wrong… again!

  1. JK

    The self-evident takeaway being;

    Whenever Obama “offers on TV” that *something ain’t likely* … it’s time to grab the (preferably pre-positioned) MREs the canteen maybe a roll of toilet paper and head for the hidey-hole.

    • To complete the American Left lost in the clouds saga, Al Gore had to cut short his 24 hour climate change telethon at the Eiffel Tower last night, after only 5 hours…… due to the Islamic terror attacks.

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