Another comment at National Review

Just another response to a comment at Charles Krauthammer’s article at National Review.  Same old, so save yourself the time and skip this, if you’ve read my other posts on this topic:

Bill Befort  Saturday, October 17, 2015 12:36 PM

Krauthammer certainly seems to have attracted a negative fan club of isolationists and antisemites. I particularly like the guy who goes on with such relish about a nuclear Iran coming to dominate Israel; it doesn’t seem to occur to him that, if he’s right about Iran’s intentions, Israel — already a nuclear power — could decide right now to “exercise influence over Iran as a condition of Iran’s existence as a country.” That would be unprovoked Zionist neocon aggression, I guess. Anyway, there seem to be a surprising lot of NR readers who have already absorbed and internalized Obama’s retreat from the world. Paulistas, I imagine.

susanholly Saturday, October 17, 2015 3:55 PM

The issue is which news and intelligence sources are being used by the media and Dr. Krauthammer to form their opinions and the FACT is that 50 intelligence analysts in CENTCOM came forward to say their reports were being doctored to buttress the Obama administration narrative (propaganda) that his strategy to defeat ISIS is working. The neocon establishment places its trust in places like the think tank, Institute for the Study of War, run by Kimberly Kagan, which has put out several iterations of a map of the Syrian rebel forces that are incongruent to say the least and everyone – the media and the US State Dept seem to rely solely on these ISW maps, without question. This happened in 2013 also when a young Syrian “expert”, Elizabeth O’Bagy became the accepted font of knowledge on the Syrian rebels. John McCain and Sec of State Kerry quoted her by name and the mainstream media accepted her “expertise” without question – relying on this unknown young woman rather than VETTED intelligence information from our megabucks intelligence agencies. Dr.Krauthammer is not aware he has allowed his ideology and false information to impair his judgment. I certainly would like to know the names and groups whom the ISW relies on for up to date information from Syria and also a full investigation on whom our CIA actually has been arming in Syria.

Along with the Syrian “moderates”, I would like a full investigation into who were the Libyan freedom fighters from Benghazi, whom Hillary Clinton argued faced genocide and whom she used as the rationale for toppling Gadaffi, when the US military knew that Benghazi and Derna were hotbeds of Al Qaeda and radical Islamists.

You do realize some of those Benghazi freedom fighters attacked the US embassy in 2012, right? And the foreign fighters from Libya fighting our soldiers in Iraq hailed from that very same hot bed area of Benghazi and Derna.  Facts matter!

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