“Domestic terrorism”: I report, you decide

Posted a comment at National Review on a article by David French, in which he clarifies “enemies” as the type Jim Webb, mentioned in that Democratic debate the other night.  French writes:

“But lest anyone think I’m a self-righteous scold, I’ve got a confession to make. One of the worst things I’ve ever said was not dissimilar from Hillary’s response last night. In 2007, shortly before I deployed to Iraq, I was asked at a conservative event why I had decided to join the Army Reserve at the same time that I continued my First Amendment litigation practice (mainly focused on college campuses). My response? “Because I think the two greatest threats to the U.S. are Islamic jihadists and the radical university Left, and I feel I should fight both.”

That statement was horrible — spoken out of stupidity, foolishness, and ignorance. I hadn’t yet seen jihad with my own eyes, and when I did I felt deep shame that I’d linked my ideological opponents in any way to evil, murderous savages. So I vowed going forward that in my constitutional litigation and in my conservative writings, I would reaffirm my commitment to attack ideas, not individuals, and to never treat my fellow citizens as enemies — no matter how they treated me. Simply put, I needed to grow up, to get outside the polarizing bubble of my own ideological battles. Jim Webb did that long ago. He understands what true “enemies” can do their fellow man. His colleagues, sadly, do not.”

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/425565/lesson-our-political-aristocrats-jim-webb-puts-enemies-perspective-david-french

Well,  I draw my “red line” at being attacked in my own home, on American soil,  so here’s my response

susanholly Thursday, October 15, 2015 12:18 PM

Agree, up until domestic political power is used to attack me personally in my home, which happened to me during the Impeachment saga in 1998. Being a nobody, I could not get anyone to listen to me then and each attempt to get anyone in the media to listen to me has met with silence. I wrote comments on the Excite message boards during that time, but I can not prove it, so for years I kept silent. I wrote my story, albeit in a light fashion, but the story itself is the TRUTH. I used pseudonyms for all the “characters” and last year I offered to provide the real names of these “characters” to several “journalists” and not a single one even asked for the real names. I swore an oath to defend The Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, Mr. French. So, while it’s nice to want to moderate the tone of political discourse in America, I draw the line at being attacked in my own home over comments on an online message board about following the rule of law.


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