NY Times on training foreign fighters

Billions From U.S. Fail to Sustain Foreign Forces


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5 responses to “NY Times on training foreign fighters

  1. JK

    Ahoy there McCain, Kerry, Pentagon, Congress, Obama !!! (NSA? Will y’all please forward appropriately?)

    “Although Ariel Sharon and other generals warned that the thin Bar-Lev Line was a death trap for its garrison and for any forces that attempted to rescue it, the army command decided to retain the line on the premise that the Egyptians posed no serious threat. “We’re fighting Arabs, not Germans,” as one general put it.”


  2. Not good enough. This isn’t rocket science, and it doesn’t have to cost billions. The Marines pioneered this kind of operation in the early part of the 20th century in the Caribbean and Central America. It isn’t enough to train and equip foreign fighters…you have to stay and lead them. Go back and look at the Nicaraguan and Haitian Constabularies. Trained and led by American Marine NCO’s breveted to officer rank in the Constabularies, they were loyal, well-trained and effective. It’s all in the “Small Wars Manual”, which has been reprinted with minimal updates for changes in weaponry and technology.

    • That’s a great point Kinnison.

      • I thought about this a couple hours and wonder if Arabs or Afghans would loyally follow American leaders and somehow doubt it. They always seem to have their own intrinsic sense of superiority due to their Muslim indoctrination and so often their own ethnic/tribal ties too. They want us to be dhimmis, it seems – take our weapons, our training and then pursue their own agendas. Do you think I’m off-base thinking this?

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