More Obama administration pretzel logic

Prepare for another LB ramble on Syria.  Yesterday, I felt anger at the American military being humiliated by the way the Russians began their air campaign in Syria.  That 3-star general showing up at the US embassy in Baghdad with démarche orders was meant to humiliate.  We have no leadership in America, only bloviating political hacks – President Obama in the White House.  mealy-mouthed generals at the Pentagon, and the media’s perennial favorite Republican foreign policy “expert”, Senator John McCain.  They put the US military in this humiliating position, not Putin.

Propaganda campaigns run amok and sad to say a lot of what the US reports will be as deceptive as the Russians.  For the record, keep in mind all the assurances of the US training and aiding “Syrian moderates”, who turned out to align with ISIS as soon as they had US weapons.  Then there’s the stream of intelligence reports from  CENTCOM under investigation for allegedly being doctored.  And our weak, feckless President, the “Syrian moderate” mouthpiece in the Senate, John McCain and even some in the Pentagon will work hard to cast all Russian actions in a bad light.  John McCain will quote his sources “in the know” and perhaps someone should ask him on whom he relies – is it his aide O’Bagy and her contacts in Syria?  Remember his 2013 fact-finding trip to Syria – he was photographed with alleged terrorists.  We should get the answers to that before we trust McCain and his “reliable” sources. We expect propaganda from the Russians, but watching the mountain of lies from our own government makes me hesitant to believe we’ll be getting honest information as the Obama administration and the “Syrian moderate” cheerleaders try to save face. Russia assuredly has grand strategic aims.  We have no strategy.

Whether the Russians will be able to use the force necessary to defeat ISIS remains to be seen.  Yesterday, when the Russians initiated airstrikes the US government railed about Russian bad manners for how they informed the US of these impending  Russian airstrikes.  The Russians aimed to humiliate the US, of that I have no doubt, but the US response amounted to sniveling. While the Russians orchestrated a rather masterful diplomatic and military effort to assist Assad, the US Secretary of Defense rambled on about the Obama social engineering and budget cuts that will diminish American military might.  That message is not lost on the rest of the world and frankly, Ash Carter may be a nice man, he may be well-studied on military matters, but here’s the truth – he comes across as a weak squish.   John Kerry, Mr. pink bicycle rider, comes across as a weak squish.  Obama, our leader from behind, comes across as the weakest squish of all.

What Putin’s ultimate aims are remain to be seen, but it’s clear he isn’t afraid to act.  G. Murphy Donovan penned an excellent piece at the American Thinker today: “Putin, the Indispensable Man?”  Donovan writes:

“We remember great men because, as Pericles prophesied, great men do great things and then live on in the hearts of other men. “The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding go out to meet it.” Reputation is immortality indeed.

A great man, alas, is not necessarily good or popular. History is not kind to necessary villains. Stalin might be the best example from the WWII pantheon. Good and necessary are very different virtues. Josef Stalin was nonetheless one of those indispensable men who made victory and Russian national survival possible. Ruthless men make good soldiers.

Vladimir Putin may be such a man. Just as surely, Barack Obama is unlikely to be remembered for much beyond strategic inertia.”

John McCain and President Obama will keep mentioning Ukraine in every other breath talking about Putin, but here’s the truth – the US was trying to aid and abet a soft coup there, relying on fools like Victoria Nuland, from the US State Department, whom the Russians intercepted her phone conversation with the US ambassador in Ukraine – discussing which leader the US wanted in Kiev.  The Russians leaked that phone conversation in western media.  Some of the factions the US was cozying up to in Ukraine were neo-nazi thugs, not “freedom fighters”.  The US seems to have become a stickler on the international law and agreements when it comes to demonizing some countries, but with our “regime change” democracy projects, we’re rather lax on following those rules ourselves.  Putin made some fascinating comments in that CBS Charlie Rose interview (part 2 of the interview start about minute 14).  Someone should pin down President Obama on our actions around the world, from Ukraine, Libya (Benghazi too), Iraq and what in the heck our strategy really is in regards to defeating ISIL.  Putin laid out his position clearly.

Putin did offer the rules correctly when he spoke to the UN – Assad does represent the government in Syria and Assad invited the Russians in.  Ash Carter offered up this version of the Russian’s failed logic on propping up Assad, stating that the Russians went after the Free Syrian Army and not ISIL (as the administration refers to them).  Carter, McCain and the administration spend more time arguing for removing Assad than they do talking about how to defeat ISIL.  My main questions for them are: If Assad goes before ISIL is defeated, how is the US going to insure some stable, non-radicalized government emerges in Syria?”  Will it look like Iraq once Obama was in charge of US policy?  Do they plan to help install another regime?  What is their plan to keep ISIL or other jihadists from filling that power vacuum?

If Libya and the Obama pull-out of US troops from Iraq are any indication, they don’t have a plan.  The pretzel logic falls on the US side in this mess.


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15 responses to “More Obama administration pretzel logic

  1. JK

    “Propaganda campaigns run amok and sad to say a lot of what the US reports will be as deceptive as the Russians.”

    ‘The proof is in the pudding’ as is said LB. Yesterday I couldn’t stifle my giggles before a very brief TV interview with ex-CIA guy Mike Morrell was even at half-time.

    Per Morrell, “Those positions were not occupied by ISIL … those positions were occupied by moderates.”

    What !!! I fairly shouted (scared by sister’s puppy more than, it would appear, anything Kerry ever shouted to Lavrov) We’ve spent four years looking for moderates, a year launching from two carrier groups and a half a billion bucks and change training moderates who, just as quick as they enter Syria either “just simply disappear” or, just as quick, hand over command to Daesh – why just last week our Leaders announced on TV that last science-class-project was working out so poorly it was cancelled.

    *Note to Editor LB – I didn’t check for the correct spelling of the ex-CIA guy’s name but it occurred to me when I started to, I remembered that is the proper spelling for a type of mushroom …

    • JK, Too bad our media lives under that mushroom cloud of misinformation.

      • JK


        I kinda wondered why it didn’t occur to Blitzer to ask, “How is it Mister CIA Guy, after four #%**@&g years of you guys looking hither and yon for Syrian moderates the Russians manage to find ’em in the first airstrike?”

  2. Hate to say it, but our main threat is not from foreign powers, but from the corrupt liars in our own government. Our policy in the ME has been a muddled mess since 9/11, but under Obama it’s not even remotely in American interests at all.

    • JK

      That there last sentence LB, you’ll be getting nothing more nothing than less than a 100% plumb Damned Right!

      I mean, I thought to myself back on January 20th 2009, “How’n the hell could this possibly get worse?”

      In hindsight – Easy-Peasy …

  3. JK

    (Maybe LB you can ask M where he got that plug-in?)

  4. JK, Lavrov just can’t help getting his digs in. Here’s a quote from an AP story:
    “Lavrov also said Russia did not plan to carry out airstrikes against IS militants in Iraq, which has seen large parts of its territory overrun by the extremists. “We are polite people, we don’t come if not invited,” Lavrov said.”

  5. JK

    Heck LB. That (the Russians attacking Daesh) was highly unlikely to ever take place in the first place. Their goal from everything I’ve seen – including the Charlie Rose interview – all the OSINT I’m familiar with points to one thing, propping up Assad.

    Besides, Obama and the girls made explicit the US would destroy ISIS. And not even Bimbo O’Bagy’s maps show Daesh in the vicinity of Latakia, Jubhat al-Nusra (AQ, erstwhile ISIL) of course but not Daesh.

    I suppose we’ll see – the “reveal” – if it comes, will be Aleppo.

    • I awaited Nightwatch reporting that the strikes were anti-Assad, not ISIL targets. That’s how much I distrust this administration and the media.

      • JK

        Any chance LB you might hit your archives and pull up some O’Bagy et al maps?

        Truthfully & admittedly I was mainly going on memory (or what passes for memory these days) … and I remember too now that the sun is up, I misidentified in my 02 OCT @ 0010 Jubhat al-Nusra … should rather be Ansar al-Shariah.

        Reason I ask about maps is, I seem to recall not that long ago Kerry and McCain agreeing “Islamists are on the outskirts of Latakia.”

  6. JK


    (Interestingly titled as of this comment post date/time on the sidebar, “Kurdish, Iraqi officials reject Baghdad’s cooperation with the Russians …”

    I can halfway understand the Kurds not recognizing being part of Iraq but one would think that the Iraqis rejecting cooperation with the Russians would know Baghdad is the capital of the place.)

  7. JK

    Hit your archives today LB – feel up to a little

    Blast from the Past?

    “The recent Jane’s estimate contrasts sharply with the picture drawn by Secretary of State Kerry on Sept. 3 when he told the Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee that reports the Syrian opposition has become increasingly infiltrated by al Qaeda were “basically incorrect.”

    “He went on to say: “The opposition has increasingly become more defined by its moderation, more defined by the breadth of its membership and more defined by its adherence to some, you know, democratic process and to an all-inclusive, minority-protecting constitution, which will be broad-based and secular with respect to the future of Syria.” In the same week, Kerry cited an article published in the Wall Street Journal on Aug. 30 that said moderate groups, not Islamists, are leading the fight against the Assad regime.”

    “We also noted in May that there were mass defections from the Free Syrian Army to the Al Nusrah Front. And we have reported that some other Islamist fighting groups besides the dominant Al Nusrah Front and the ISIL are not small.”

    “According to a report in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, Israel, which had supported the proposed US strikes on the Assad regime, recently expressed concern to Secretary of State Kerry that a military strike in Syria could strengthen al Qaeda-linked groups and allow them to seize Assad’s weapons.”

    Ding Ding Ding.

    Y’alls mission Fellow Readers, should you decide to accept it is, what month and year did the above appear?

    *Hint – It wasn’t from three weeks ago.

    Link to follow …

  8. JK

    Weeeell LB, I did make just one teensy tinsy paragraph 3 excision.

    *Somebody’d* been recently fired.

    (Oh, I was gonna shoot you a memo that I put the same comment mentioning where it appeared first – on M’s then a permalink from that one to D&N.)


    Yes Ma’am I know about excuses but if only you could see what the pollen count is here – my two days ago red pickup is presently pink. And from my sister’s puppy simply lying on my pillow before the barrage of Nerf™ balls got adequate attention, anyway I had to smear cortizone all over my face in the middle of the night last night.

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